Network Marketing Prospecting – The Formula For Wealth


This is absolutely the first thing you are taught when you want to do network marketing prospecting. Go to all your family members which this is the easiest because they probably will listen to you. Maybe some of them will join your MLM business just to help you out. Maybe you actually have a product they are interested in. This is great and there is nothing wrong with telling your family about the MLM opportunity.

Lets take a look at the downside to this. If they join your MLM opportunity and they are family, who are they going to approach with the opportunity since you are all related. I hope that makes a little sense because it is true. We would like them to be in our MLM business but they will not be effective in their network marketing prospecting by this method.


You may want to use your warm market to do your network marketing prospecting. For those that do not know what warm market is let me explain. Very simply put it is friends that you know that maybe you are not real close to and might not see often. These type of people are network marketing prospects also.

These prospects are handled differently than your family because like we said you are not that close to some of them. We also have an internal fear that holds us back because since we are not that close how do we approach them. We do not want to feel like we are bugging them with a MLM opportunity when we really do not talk to them that much. It is really difficult to approach in a proper way.


To use cold marketing for your network marketing prospecting is equally hard if not harder. Cold market are people we do not know and never have spoken to. You usually handle this by just talking about your MLM business any chance you get. This might be through hotel meetings, home meetings, leaving business cards at proper places or my favorite (just kidding) just picking up the phone and inviting these prospects to join you. Who likes to just call people from some leads list and try to convince them that what you have is better than the next caller. There are people out there that like this and maybe they are successful, but it is hard to do on a consistent basis.

If you look back at couple of years and later you will find that this is what the norm was. Everybody did this “old school” type of network marketing prospecting. That is why there was only about a 3% success rate. Everything has changed now the internet has exploded MLM prospecting.

Why not have the prospects come to you? What is wrong with that? Put a system into place that will draw them to you like fly to fly paper. Proper network marketing prospecting is showing you are a leader and a teacher. Doing this is branding yourself in this market.

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