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Netflix tries to imitate the cursed Game of Thrones, but fails




Netflix’s Cursed, an R-rated delusion collection reimagining Arthurian legends, has a lot on its plate. A coming-of-age story following a teenage Nimue, aka the Lady of the Lake, its 10 episodes strive to juggle war, a love story, a medieval land-spanning quest and a well-known future it really is ripe to be subverted.

Yet after a promising start, it turns into clear that Cursed would not have a company hold close on what form of exhibit it needs to be, failing to tie all these factors into one linked entity. Torn between younger person drama and R-rated violence, Cursed appears to determine it is fantastic to wander into Game of Thrones territory, with political intrigue and a single marvelous one-shot conflict sequence.

The sweeping English valleys are beautiful, and some of the imagery conjures up co-creator Frank Miller’s comics — Sin City, 300 and the photo novel the exhibit is primarily based on. But disappointingly, Cursed’s biggest, yep, curse, comes down to its essential character.

The exhibit in the end fails its younger girl protagonist, who has all the cool promise of a sword-wielding heroine destined to lead her humans to freedom. Instead, Nimue flounders in romance and absurd decision-making, with no actual character that lets her shine as the effective enchantress she’s set up to be.

We begin when Nimue (13 Reasons Why’s Katherine Langford) is selected to be the next Summoner of the Hidden. The role involves protecting her druid people by using her gift to call on the elements.

Instead, Nimue rejects the position, calling it a curse. She laments her people for casting her out, after a demonic encounter scarred her physically and mentally from childhood.


Along with comic relief best friend Pym (Lily Newmark), Nimue heads to the docks, but instead of catching the next ship out of there, they come across Arthur, played by Devon Terrell — the first Black actor to be cast in the role.

Like most of the characters with legendary names who pop up in the show, Arthur has a few quirks that mark him as different from what we’ve traditionally seen. Aside from a beautiful singing voice, he’s a scruffy knight who charms Nimue, setting up a love story that ultimately lacks authentic moments to earn the sparks that fly.

When the Red Paladins, magic-hating agents of the church, invade Nimue’s village, she’s tasked with bringing the Sword of Power to Merlin (Vikings’ Gustaf Skarsgård). But Merlin isn’t at his magical best, drinking away his sorrows instead of doing what his boss, a petulant Uther Pendragon, asks of him.

Politics among kings, including Viking leader Ice King and warrior queen Red Spear, simmer in the background and soon envelope Nimue. She must also decide what to do with the Sword of Power, which everyone wants.

While it’s refreshing to see Nimue shed her traditional antagonistic role, as well as do more than simply hand Excalibur over to Arthur, she missteps in a similar way to Daenerys Targaryen. After going from naive would-be queen to religious figure inspiring the oppressed, Nimue’s crammed into a storyline that takes all that triumph away.

It’s frustrating, after we do see her grow throughout the series. Finally accepting her responsibility as leader of the Fey, she makes a few key decisions that pay off and, most importantly, rallies the woodland-type Fey tribes. She even earns a memorable title like the Wolfblood Witch.

But then she tosses the sword down a ravine in a sudden rage, and one character actually calls her out for being unreasonably “whiny.” She never takes an episode with a mentor to explore the limits of her rare magic or gets a triumphant moment to bite back at her demons. Worse, she’s confined to the sidelines in the final battle to save her people and stop the “age of men.”

Nimue dips her foot into being the hero you want her to be with a Wonder Woman pump-you-up moment at the end of the first episode. Yet despite its intriguing spin on a legendary figure, Cursed fails to leave a lasting impact. Overlong and spread thin, it finds its focused pace and otherworldly atmosphere fading as surface-level Game of Thrones politics get in the way. The show is set up for a second season, but the most interesting aspects of its story already seem to be behind it.

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Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik’s Husband Ronnit Biswas Reveals His Relatives In Law-Enforcement Have Approached Him To File A Complaint Against Aly Goni For His Violent Behaviour




Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik's Husband Ronnit Biswas Reveals His Relatives In Law-Enforcement Have Approached Him To File A Complaint Against Aly Goni For His Violent Behaviour

A recent Bigg Boss 14 episode saw Aly Goni lose his s**t on captain Kavita Kaushik when she takes away his personal items as a punishment from stealing juice bottles meant only for the captain. Kavita said to Aly, “mai teri baap hun”, which irked him to no end and tempers flew. In a fit of rage, Aly kicked a trash bin which hurt Kavita, who was standing close to it and the houe erupted in chaos. Talking about his wife battling chaos almost daily in the house, Kavita’s hubby Ronnit Biswas said, “Physical violence was never a thing which we had signed up for whether it happened directly or indirectly it doesn’t matter.” Bigg Boss 14: Captain Kavita Kaushik Demands Aly Goni’s Eviction After He Gets Aggressive and Violent With Her (Watch Video).

“I had seen the promo first, day before yesterday and I was very disturbed. But once I saw the way Kavita was putting up to it and how she was behaving I felt extremely proud of her. My sadness disappeared and I got happy thinking that no matter how much you try to target this girl, she will not bow down to anyone. She will come out shining and strong,” said a proud Ronnit in a conversation with ETimes TV. Bigg Boss 14 November 24 Episode: Aly Goni Pays a Huge Prize for Getting Violent Towards Captain Kavita Kaushik – 6 Highlights of BB 14.

He also went on to say that what Kavita said to Aly was not a big deal. Stating that Aly also said the same line to Kavita thrice, Ronnit revealed, “He has also said this to her thrice after that. So, I think the topic should have ended then and there itself. But I understand most of the housemates know that Kavita is quite strong and if they fight with her or corner her, they will get some footage. It is very sad that in a country where we keep talking about women are equal to men, we worship Goddess, we celebrate women and talk about women empowerment, there is a man who is threatening a woman on national television that he will make her life a living hell or won’t let her sleep (main iska jeena haram kar doonga, main sune nahi doonga).”


Check Out the Video Below:

Ronnit also argued that Aly’s intentions were indeed violent and showed during the fight. “If he didn’t want to hurt anyone there was another trash bin lying behind he could have kicked it but he hit the one close to Kavita, this goes on to show his intention. We all saw how aggressive he was getting, if a man is so aggressive with a woman then we can understand that there is certainly something wrong with his mind. Because of people like him, other men who are good towards women also get bashed.”

Ronnit also took a dig at the other male contestants present in the house. “Hum itni badi badi baatein karte hain about respecting women, Beti Padhao Beti bachao, all of these goes into a drain we see such behaviour on national television. I am very proud of Kavita that she has stood up against so many people. All the other so called men in the house, who had problems when Jasmin had a breakdown and had an issue with Rahul which was again not an issue and was created, few ‘so called men’ stood by her. But surprisingly, in last night’s episode no one said that Aly you are doing wrong and if Kavita said it, you also repeated it, thrice. Ye joh baaki aadmi hai Bigg Boss ke ghar mein pata nahi inko kasie aadmi kahein.”

Ronnit is also of the opinion that Aly’s bestie Jasmin Bhasin, who in the past few episodes, has been targeting Kavita, is now shing her rel side. “After watching the recent episodes I have started to feel that in the show a woman is another woman’s biggest enemy. What we saw of Jasmin Bhasin in the first few weeks was absolutely fake and we are getting to see her real side now. Now, she is coming into her element and can only mock and imitate Kavita and she thinks she is funny. I can’t believe an actor can do something like this to a senior. She uses the same insulting behaviour with Eijaz Khan also. Eijaz and Kavita are still closer in age wise. Eijaz is 45, Kavita is 39 and Jasmin must be in 30s and despite having such a huge age difference she mocks Eijaz. We have got to see how much she respects her seniors. Even the audience and fans are seeing it.”

Few of Ronnit’s relatives, who are in law-enforcement, have approached him asking him if he wants to file a complaint against Aly Goni. “I have been getting a lot of calls from our well-wishers and relatives who are into the Police force, Government officials and they are asking me If I want to take action against Aly Goni or register a complaint. Although, I have told them that it is not needed, but I was expecting from the channel and the production house a stricter punishment. One week’s nomination doesn’t make any sense,” concluded Ronnit.

(The above story first appeared on Onhike on Nov 26, 2020 09:07 AM IST. For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website

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Diego Maradona Dies: Shah Rukh Khan Pays Tribute on Twitter, Says ‘You Made Football Even More Beautiful’




Diego Maradona Dies: Shah Rukh Khan Pays Tribute on Twitter, Says 'You Made Football Even More Beautiful'

Football icon Diego Maradona passed away due to a heart attack on Wednesday. He was 60. He was a man so divinely known in football, that even if one was not a fan of the sport, Maradona’s name had rung in conversations enough number of times to learn that a legend is being referenced. The world is heartbroken, including Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan. The actor, who has a penchant for sports as well, took to his social media pages to pay a tribute to the departed soul. Diego Maradona Dead: From God to Devil at Napoli.

“Diego Maradona….you made football even more beautiful. You will be sorely missed and may you entertain and enthral heaven as you did this world. RIP,” wrote Shah Rukh. The actor is a self-admitted football fanatic.

In an interview, he has said, “I love football. My son plays football. My daughter is the captain of her school’s football team. On the fourth floor of my house, we have constructed a football field. I am very attached to football, FIFA.” Diego Maradona Passes Away: 10 Facts About the Argentinian Legendary Footballer Who Died Following Heart Attack Aged 60.

Check Out Shah Rukh Khan’s Tweet Here:

Diego passed away at his home. He was released from the hospital two weeks ago, where he was treated for a bleed on his brain. Reportedly, the Argentinian’s footballer’s last words were, “I feel sick.”

(The above story first appeared on Onhike on Nov 26, 2020 09:05 AM IST. For more news and updates on politics, world, sports, entertainment and lifestyle, log on to our website

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Jallikattu Screenwriter S Hareesh Elated as Film Becomes India’s Official Entry to Oscars




Jallikattu Screenwriter S Hareesh Elated as Film Becomes India's Official Entry to Oscars

Kottayam (Kerala) [India], November 25: Screenwriter S Hareesh of Malayalam film ‘Jallikattu,’ which has been selected as India’s official entry into Oscars 2021, expressed his happiness over the development and dedicated the honour to the director of the film Lijo Jose Pellissery. “Very happy to hear the news. The whole credit goes to Director Lijo Jose Pellissery. Congratulations to the whole Jallikutti team,” Hareesh told ANIOscars 2021: Jallikattu Is India’s Official Entry in International Feature Film Category at 93rd Academy Awards; Here’s Where You Can Watch The Malayalam Film Online.

“Especially producer O Thomas Panicker, actor Chemban Vinod Jose, my co-writer R Jayakumar, actor Antony Varghese, cinematographer Girish Gangadharan, editor Deepu Joseph, and the whole team,” he added.

Hareesh along with R Jayakumar had adapted the screenplay of the film from one of his short stories ‘Maoist’.

The movie revolves around a bull that escapes from a slaughterhouse in a remote village leading to the entire village gathering and hunting the animal together. Jallikattu for Oscars 2021: Twitter Celebrates the Official Entry of Lijo Jose Pellissery’s Film at the 93rd Academy Awards.

The film that has Antony Varghese, Chemban Vinod Jose, Sabumon Abdusamad and Santhy Balachandran in key roles had also won two awards, best director and best sound mixing, at the 50th Kerala State Film Awards earlier this year.

‘Jallikattu,’ will be taking part in Oscar’s race for the ‘Best International Feature Film,’ category. Earlier last year, Zoya Akhtar directorial ‘Gully Boy,’ had been selected as India’s official entry into the prestigious award ceremony.

The 93rd Oscar Award ceremony was postponed to April 25, 2021, earlier this year due to the growing coronavirus pandemic concerns.

This is the first time in the last 40 years that the award ceremony was rescheduled. It was earlier scheduled to be held on February 28, 2021.

(This is an unedited and auto-generated story from Syndicated News feed, Onhike Staff may not have modified or edited the content body)

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