Negative Impact of Smart Phones

I have to admit that I’m not smart phone fan, and never thought that smart phones will add any advantage to my daily life. My old Nokia mobile phone serves me well, all I need is to call and receive calls and more than that is sending text messages.

Recently I was influenced by my friend and said goodbye to my old mobile phone and switched to Apple iPhone and I noticed I have less time than before since I’m constantly reminded with updates ready to download for my mobile phone. I talk less to my friends too when we go out since we all are busy doing things with our mobile phones.

Every day while waiting for my daughter at school gate I see many parents, all not talking and heads are doing one thing that is playing with their phones, I don’t understand what is there to make us so busy with our mobile phones or is it addiction to finding out what is there even though we don’t need it.

I understand now why for example are very busy, I discovered that there are more than 26000 applications to download for free or purchase for iPhone alone. That means you need 72 years to try them all, one application each day. That is not all, every week there are articles in local newspaper trying to explain to us what more we can do with our iPhone.

Before with my old mobile phone I needed extra efforts to make sure my spelling of words that I type is correct, now my smart phone is taking care of that by automatically correcting my spelling.

My kids like to play with all games that is available for them on smart phones specially iPhone, in the back of the car while driving back home from school my daughter set quietly book with iPhone around she prefers to play games.

Smart phones made it for us to connect with others but not to communicate with them. We talk less now and text each other more.

I remember listening to radio on BBC world with a Canadian businessman who was in charge of four successful companies; to my surprise he was not using Blackberry to manage his daily business affairs. He said “not being able to respond fast has helped him to think longer before taking any action”. He said also “if I was Blackberry user then I will receive emails and I have to respond on spot and this may not be good.”

I realized that if we leave it to smart phones to do everything for us then we will start slowly to lose our intelligence and the ability to think and this is the negative impact of smart phones.

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