National Dog Photography Day 2020: Awwdorable Pics and Videos of Pooches Being Clicked By Their Owners Will Make You ‘Say Cheese’

Dog Photography

It’s the National Dog Photography Day today! Well, do we need a specific day to click pictures of dogs? I mean pet owners are more often than not clicking pictures of their pooches, we have enough dog social media profiles to prove it too. So this is just another fun day celebration that encourages to show the bond you share with your pet pupper. It was started by a dog photographer Kerry Jordan just out of some fun. It is a relatively new event that started just last year. But nobody says no to cute and lovely dog pictures on their . So we too have got you some pictures and videos which show how beautifully some dogs love getting clicked.

People have begun sharing pictures of their pets on social media to mark this day and all of them are so adorable or rather awwwdorable! Some dogs can be quiet photogenic, while others may not be big fans of the camera. But if you are here only for looking through cute dogs, then let’s get to it. Pet Dogs Become Essential Workers During Pandemic: Pooches Deliver Groceries, Food and Drinks to People and Help Maintain Social Distance (Watch Cute Videos).

Mya’s Giving Us Travel Goals

Mya the #GoldenRetriever ❤️🐾#NationalDogPhotographyDay

— Paul Hurst (@PaulHurst2020) July 26, 2020

This One’s Working From Home

#nationaldogphotographyday Pepper in winter trying to work out what is so fascinating.

— Hazel Terry (@artroomplant) July 26, 2020

That Jump Pic Tho!

They may be a different breed to one another & very different sizes, however they love each other dearly! ❤️🐾 #NationalDogPhotographyDay

— Paul Hurst (@PaulHurst2020) July 26, 2020

Hey Handsome

On the beach with the hounds, thisbis the boy that changed everything for me. 🥰 #nationaldogphotographyday

— Kerry Jordan (@FurAndFables) July 26, 2020

Watch Video of Dogs Posing For The Camera:

This Dog Loves Selfies:

This video came first on Vine and it went crazy viral, need we say more? The accuracy of the way the dog his neck just like most girls do when they click their selfies seem to be learnt well by this pooch. You just cannot get enough of him.

Dogs Take a Good Family Photo:

The video is so cute and funny at the same time. All of them dressed so well, clearly, they understand the importance of a frame-worthy picture.

These are many such funny and cute dog videos on the internet that you can scroll through all day long. If you are a dog owner, don’t forget to do a photoshoot with your muse and post them on social media.

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