‘Mystique Pop-up Bar’ Episode 11: The lives of Weil-joo and Gwi will take a shocking turn, will it trust?

Mystique Pop-up Bar' Episode 11

The ‘Mystic Pop-up Bar’ finale week is proper right here and in episode eleven we will see the outcome of Weol-ju analyzing the actuality about Gwi. On the end of episode 10, after listening to Kang-bae flirt with Yeo-rin using the equal lines as what the Crown Prince had used up to now collectively with her, Weol-ju realizes that one aspect used to be incorrect. She requested Kang-bae the vicinity he heard these strains, and he cited that it used to be from Gwi. All the matters that he had heard from Gwi up to now, comments that he made in passing take on a entire new which means.

Within the upcoming episode, Gwi will have to face Weol-ju’s wrath for lying to her all this whereas about who he’s. Within the promo, we see Gwi and Weol-ju inform Kang-bae that they used therefore a ways and their new desirable buddy is taken aback to hear to the reality. Then we see Gwi and Weol-ju take a seat down to debate what has came about in life, the preceding and if Gwi made a mistake. Which skill that we would find out about what absolutely took place five hundred years in the previous inside the upcoming episode.

Probably the most captivating 1/2 in regards to the promo, nonetheless, is about Kang-bae. He realized that Yeo-rin used to be the acceptable girl for him when she did no longer react to his contact. He then pursued her, the two grew to become buddies first and after Weol-ju and Gwi at ease Yeo-rin that they had been working for the CIA, she became a bit greater open to Kang-bae’s charms. Turned out that Yeo-rin moreover has a difficulty, simply like Kang-bae for which she was once trolled and bullied up to now. Anybody that Yeo-rin favored, she ought to now not get close to them bodily as a end result of the contrary get collectively would get a chilling feeling deep of their bones forcing them to run away from her.

So, Yeo-rin had decided to now not date and open herself up for heartbreak. Nonetheless, Kang-bae didn’t react just like the others to her contact, and the more she received right here to comprehend him, the more she liked him. The fact that Yeo-rin is the holy stone’s reincarnation who would possibly assist restore Kang-bae’s factors completely helps the connection between them additional. Nonetheless, inside the upcoming episode, a draw back seems to come up on Yeo-rin’s finish. When she holds Kang-bae’s hand, she hears a voice say “Do now not hold his hand” after which we moreover see Yeo-rin go to the Mystic Pop-up Bar.

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