Musk changes Twitter’s suspension policy

Musk changes Twitter's suspension policy

billionaire’s latest opinion — which posted Wednesday and closed Thursday — asked whether Twitter should offer amnesty to suspended accounts as long as they haven’t broken the law or “engaged in serious spam.” Over 70 percent of respondents voted “yes” to the referendum, with over 3 million votes cast.

Musk also did a poll last weekend and reinstated Trump based on the results. While Trump has yet to tweet, and claims he is sticking to his own Truth social platform with no immediate plans to rejoin Twitter, other conservative accounts that have been reinstated remain active. .

Musk’s decision to reinstate Trump and Taylor Greene, who have both promoted conspiracy theories and hate speech, was condemned by civil rights groups. Despite the return of banned accounts, politicians who used Twitter to reach journalists and voters have decided to remain.

“If or when journalists leave, politicians will follow because this is such an important platform for shaping public opinion and the narrative,” said Eric Wilson, managing partner at Republican investment fund startup Caucus.

Furthermore, there is still no clear successor to Twitter that has the established network effects for politicians and a base of users that can move quickly.

Wilson said, “I just haven’t seen an exodus from political opinion makers because they don’t have a clear platform to go to, and so politicians will continue to engage.”

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