Music Theory is The Most Important Skill For a Successful Career As a Music Producer: Shamit Music

Music Theory is The Most Important Skill For a Successful Career As a Music Producer: Shamit Music

Shamit Srivastava, popularly known as Shamit Music, is a 22 years old Music Producer/ Composer/ Instructor, known for his Music Production skills. In his journey to becoming a Music producer, music theory has helped him in mastering the skill.

For every Artist, Music theory is very important in their initial days to establish a successful career. It not only helps in understanding Music but also helps in knowing the feel behind the Music. In simple words, Music theory is the study of the practices and possibilities of Music.

Shamit is also known for his teaching skills, especially in Music Production. The first step that he follows while teaching Music Production is Music theory. Being an Artist for over 8+ years, he is well known with every struggle that rising musical Artists face.

Therefore, to establish a successful career in Music production, he teaches Music theory first before everything else. This is just to make sure that students get well familiar with understanding the feel of the Music. Being a Musical Artist, it is really important to feel Music while making it.

Therefore, it should be the first step that every Music Production aspirant should take.

Music theory is not only important for getting a feel for Music, but it also helps in making background Music for films or TV ads.

According to many youngsters, the definition of Music Production is just beat making which is completely wrong. That’s the main problem that these people don’t understand.

They run behind making beats but forget to take a real feel of music which is extremely important. Due to this reason, they don’t get what they look for and then they quit. Therefore, it is very important to know music theory before taking another step.

You would be surprised to know that all successful musicians have a very strong knowledge of Music theory. Therefore, if you are also an aspiring Musician, have a strong command of Music theory first. Then you can learn more things.

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