Most Famous Slovak Inventions

Even though the Slovaks are part of a small nation and it may look few of them are great celebrities, actually this is not quite true. As in other nations, among Slovaks there are celebrities that have given to the world, the best slovak inventions.

Here are the famous Slovak Inventions:

Water Turbine, Segner Wheel

Inventor Ján Andrej Segner (1704 – 1777) was born in Bratislava, and died in Halle, Germany. He was an astronomer, mathematician, botanist, inventor and a great physician. Segner wrote about 80 scientific works in his entire life.

 Many elementary mathematical terms invented by Segner are still used in most of European languages. One of the moon’s craters is named after him. He was friend to Samuel Mikovíni, an important cartographer and Slovak teacher.

The Segner Wheel is a type of water turbine. Ahead in time, this invention was used to develop missile technology. Segner was the first one in using water reaction force, and he is consider “father to water turbine”.

Hydraulic Pump

Inventor Jozef Kerol Hell (1713 – 1789) was born in Baska Bystrica and died in Banska Stiavnica. He was constructor and inventor. He invented the world’s first hydraulic pump. Even today Solavak minning is the part of cutting-edge technology.

Electric Engine

Inventor Stefan Anian Jedlik (1800 – 1895) was born in Zemne and died in Hungary. Just like other inventors he was also a mathematician, physician and inventor. He was one of the important scientists of his time. Jedlik was awarded the Medal of Progress.

He was the first in building the electric engine (1827), he built an initial dynamo prototype 4 years before Werner Siemens. However, he did not patent his inventions because he thought he was not the first one and that is why he is not credited for this in Encyclopedias

Steam Turbine

Inventor Aurel Stodola (1859 – 1942) was born in Liptovsky Mikulas and died in Zurich. He was a Physician and builder. Aurel is “father of steam and gas turbines“. With this he was professor in Zurich, and Hannover universities. Won the most important awards in Germany and England. A small planet is name after him.

Aurel’s work about steam turbine was translate to a lot of languages. He also built the artificial hand and later the artificial leg.

Wireless Telegraphy

Inventor Josef Murgas (1864 – 1929) was born in Tajov and died in Pensilvania. He was inventor and painter. In 1896 he migrated to the United States.

In 1904 he patent his invention the wireless telegraph, after perfecting the Marconi’s invention, and later more patents came. Later, Fessenden and Marconi studied Murgas’ invention, improved it and became famous. Another of his invention was also the fishing reel rod.

Cathodic Rays- Best of Slovak Inventions

Inventor Phillips Lenard (1862 – 1947) was born in Bratislava and died in Germany. He was physician, awarded with the Physics Nobel Prize in 1905. Lenard was one of the greatest experimental physicians. He was adversary to Einstein. His origin is not certain, but it is confirm he was born in Bratislava.

In 1902 he discover the photoelectric effect, and later x rays, but primacy on this belongs to W. Rontgen who had Leonard’s data. In 1905 won the Physics Nobel Price for discovery of cathodic rays. His inventions are fundamental to quantic theory.

These all slovak inventions are essential part of our lives today. Without these our lives would be and lot of works have to done manually, which would be hard to do.