Mobile Gaming and It’s Advantages

Traditionally, when we think of gaming, our minds immediately conjure images of PlayStation’s and Xbox’s. Whilst these consoles are still incredibly popular, they no longer rule the gaming roost in the same way that they did 10 years.

Nowadays, gamers unwind on their mobile phones, tablets, laptops and PC’s with the former knocking consoles off their perch as the number one device used by gamers. Why do so many people choose to game on their mobile devices though? What are the advantages of mobile gaming?

For the answers to those questions and many more, read on.

Mobile Gaming is… Diverse

If you own a console, you have a world of choice when it comes to buying games, or so you think. Whilst there are certainly an awful lot of genres and titles to choose from, the style of game that you can play on console tends to be one-dimensional.

When you play on mobile you can play any game that takes your fancy. You can compete online with your friends in an AAA title first-person shooter, you can download a simple puzzle game to pass the time or, build your own virtual city. 

In short, mobile gaming offers a catch-all solution to almost everyone’s gaming needs, which is one of the reasons that it is just as popular with Gen Z players as Baby Boomers.

Mobile Gaming is… Convenient

The world is fast-paced and non-stop and to match that, gamers of today need games that they can pick up and put at the drop of a hat. In March 2020 it was more than feasible to bed in for a four hour Warzone session with your pals, but not anymore.

To escape reality and get their gaming fix, hard working professionals are turning to their mobile phones. This allows them to play their favourite games on their morning commute or in what’s left of their lunch break.

Just as TV has moved from appointment to more of an anytime, anywhere approach, so has gaming.

A variety of gaming providers have mobile compatible versions of their games recognising the market shift and how more players want convenience in a game. A gaming niche which saw success and growth once accessible via mobile phones is online casinos.

Nowadays, punters in the UK are able to access a wide range of gambling brands on their mobile phones to either play casino games or place online bets. The popularity of mobile casinos is mainly due to the convenience the game brings, players are able to play a game of poker anywhere and at anytime.

Mobile Gaming is… Cheaper

The average cost of a console in the UK right now is £400, which is a lot of money when you consider the cost of living crisis that we are currently enduring. Add in to that the £50 that most console games will set you back and all of a sudden, your gaming has become an expensive habit.

Contrast that with mobile gaming, where you don’t have to shell out for an expensive console because you already have a device capable of running games in your hands and the average price of a game is less than a fiver.

That’s a lot of savings to be had, savings that can be spent on much more important things.

Mobile Gaming is… Fun

If you ask certain people why they choose to game, the answer that will come back is that they play to get better or compete with their friends. That’s not indicative of the majority of players though.

The vast majority play for two reasons, to escape reality and to have fun and mobile gaming allows them to do both of those things. With less graphic processing capabilities and not enough resource to match up with AAA console titles, mobile gaming titles instead focus on fun and gameplay.

That makes them the perfect match for the modern gamer who is simply looking for a short burst of fun and pleasure in amongst a busy day of work.

Mobile Gaming is… Sociable

There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little bit awkward or a reticent in social settings after the past couple of years we have lived through. The forced us all to stay at home for long periods of time and one casualty to that has been our shared social skills.

To those struggling to immediately readjust back to the hustle and bustle of life, mobile gaming has been a real lifesaver. The vast majority of mobile titles have some form of social capability, allowing players to communicate with one another and exercise that social muscle.

If you’re not fazed at all by social settings then there are still benefits to be had from mobile gaming as it’s a great way to reconnect with friends and family that you have drifted out of contact with through geography or circumstance.

In Summary

The mobile gaming industry has been growing at a phenomenal rate over the past decade and it shows no signs of slowing up in the years to come. Much of that is due to the fact that more of us than ever before have mobile devices.

Accessibility isn’t the only reason for the success of the industry though; mobile gaming is perfectly suited to modern life. It offers an outlet, it offers instant gratification and it offers escapism which are all things highly coveted in 2022.

Are you a big mobile gamer? Let us know your game of choice in the comments section below.

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