Memory Improvement Techniques

memory improvement

With the hectic and busy lifestyle, you have to remember several things and in order to remembering all together forgetting many of them is normal but a bad thing. There are various reasons of weak memory like genetics, medical condition of brain, age and many other. So for memory improvement you can try some easy exercises that will really improve your remembering power.

Memory Improvement Methods

Brain Exercise

Like our body muscles need some physical work to stay healthy, similarly our brain needs to be use regularly. Mental workouts can be done by solving puzzles, riddles or playing cards and chess. According to the survey, people who do mental exercise for 15 mins in 5 days of week had improvements in their brain function. The participants working memory, short term memory and problem solving skills improves tremendously by just solving crossword puzzles.

Physical Exercise

Not only mental workout but physical exercise is require to maintain the proper working of brain. Regular exercises reduces the risk of cognitive decline with age and protects the brain against degeneration. Aerobic exercises improves memory function of people with Alzheimer. You can do swimming, tracking, running and dancing.


Meditation is an old practice for mindfulness. Almost most of people do this daily to keep their mind stable and for inner peace. Even the studies has shown that meditation reduces degeneration and increases short and long term memory. Even if your memory is working properly, you should do meditation for 10 mins daily. It calms the brain and whole body.

Enough Sleep

Sleep plays a vital role in memory improvement as brain creates memory in night. While our whole body is resting. Taking 7 to 9 hours of sound sleep is important as at that time it creates long term memory. Disrupting natural sleep cycle is a common these days. But by just improving this habit a lot of improvement can be seen in memory.

Avoid High Calorie Diet

Food has impact in our whole body. What we eat is what we become. Reducing sugars, caloric intakes can protect the brain. According to researches, high calorie diets can impair memory and lead to obesity. The effects on memory may be due to how high calorie diets lead to inflammation in particular parts of the brain.

While most research in this area has been with animals, a study from 2009 looked at whether restricting calories in humans could improve memory.

Female participants with an average age of 60.5 years reduced their calorie intake by 30%. The researchers found that they had a significant improvement in verbal memory scores and that the benefit was most significant in those who stuck to the diet best.

Eat Dark Chocolates

It may be sound little bit weird that eating chocolate improves brain power. Well dark chocolates are differ from normal chocolates. It has cocoa flavonoids, which are the active compounds in chocolate, help boost brain function.

People who ate dark chocolate performed better on spatial memory tests than those who did not. The researchers noted that cocoa flavonoids improved the blood flow to the brain.

With that said, it is important not to add more sugar to the diet, and so people should aim for at least 72% cacao content in dark chocolate and avoid chocolate with added sugar.