Meet Raymant Marwah, An Astute Producer of the Music Catalogue and Owner of Melody House, A Renowned Record Label

Meet Raymant Marwah, An Astute Producer of the Music Catalogue and Owner of Melody House, A Renowned Record Label

Having produced many colossal hits, Raymant Marwah exudes sheer brilliance, talent, passion, and skills required at the highest level.

Music industry is the hub for many talented music artists who work with only one intention of creating a music art that would entertain their audiences and the industry globally. We have glanced massive music genres and various artists like – singer, music director, composer, song writer, producer, and many more. People mostly know about singers and directors. But the producer is the pillar of the music craft. Music producer is the one who understands each aspect of studio production and is well aware when it comes to how instruments and voices produce recordable sound. Music producer plays the exact role like a director does in a film. To create a sound music craft, producer is the one who oversees each and every detail to bring out efficient results.

Meet one such promising music producer, setting his own aura by his unique skills, knowledge, and creativity – Raymant Marwah. The producer is growing remarkably with each song release. Within no time the young producer has gained immense success and popularity amongst millions of people for his music creations. His recent songs are perfect example of his pro-found music knowledge of each beat and rhythm which has made songs blockbuster hits and engrossed the listeners with its music art. His songs that have catched millions of eyes are – Prem Dhillon, Roka, Dreams Unfold, Pani Waangu, Viah Ch Gaah, Kareeb, Naseeba and many more. All his songs have crossed millions of views within no time on the most popular social domain like YouTube. His channel has massive subscribers, who are entertained to the core by Raymant’s music art on YouTube.

The success he has gained for his consistent performance, each time with more creativity and passion has been truly inspirational. The man has set a bench mark with his astonishing performance in each song. Raymant is not only a music producer but also an owner of Melody house music label. Currently the producer is working on many future projects which will be featured soon. tuned!

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