Media Monsters – Thriving Off of Their Astute Team of Professionals in the Film Production and Animation Industry

Media Monsters – Thriving Off of Their Astute Team of Professionals in the Film Production and Animation Industry

Media Monsters, a premier film studio, VFX and animation house in the US.

The kind of success and the level of momentum certain industries and sectors have been experiencing is truly a sight to behold. Their relentless drive to magnify the visions of their firm, to offer something unique to the people they cater to and to thrust their business to unbelievable success.

The world has seen some of the greatest brands and businesses that have thrived off of their astute team of professionals and have garnered much recognition and prominence in their industries. Serving as one of the finest examples of one such business is Media Monsters, who have left no stone unturned to take over the field of film production and animation.

Media Monsters first came into the spotlight for their unique spin on incorporating narratives into live events. Media Monsters further developed their unique approach on visual storytelling, winning awards for their post apocalyptic film of Club E11EVEN’s iconic halloween party.

Media Monsters are truly the monsters in the film production space who are driven by their aim to push boundaries by offering the best production and media services and solutions under the guidance and leadership of some of the greatest talents in the industry. They are driving towards more success each day for the level of talent they have bred.

Starting with Bryan Dillard, this man serves as the Executive Producer, Director, and COO at Media Monsters and is also seen as a visionary man who has had a great contribution so far to the media production company’s success. His focus on serving clients with a white-glove approach, passion for storytelling, and team leadership skills have turned the small boutique agency into an unstoppable force in the southeast.

Working as the executive producer, post supervisor and CFO at Media Monsters is Travers Robertson, who founded the company with Dillard and took their successful printing company into the media world. He plays a major role in keeping Media Monsters at the forefront of technology and innovation, bringing motion control robotics like the Bolt Jr + to the studio. With his attention to detail Media Monsters has excelled at post-production workflow and live streaming.

Jordan Bolch, too, has a vital role in taking the firm to outstanding success levels as co-owner of Media Monsters. Media Monsters is considered to be an exemplary film studio, VFX and animation house. Bolch had begun his solo music career in 2015 and excelled as a singer, songwriter, recording artist, music producer, and entrepreneur, who also started a private recording company known as Auricle Studios, based in Atlanta and now in Miami.

Jordan’s diverse background as a creative audio producers compliments Media Monsters video skills allowing Media Monsters to deliver at the highest levels of production. His extensive knowledge of corporate management, sitting as a board member for a large national corporation brings Media Monsters a competitive corporate strategy infrastructure.

Their state-of-the-art facility creates national TV Commercials and Unique creative content across industries, equipped with wireless Dmx lighting controls, Motion control Robotic cinema arms (Bolt JR+), Roscow Green Chroma cyc with winches to fly talent and props, and the Phantom 4k High-speed camera to name a few.

Media Monsters’ cornerstone to success apart from the top-notch services it provides is its team filled with the best talents, who have worked rigorously to take the company to the industry’s forefront. Media Monsters long term vision is to expand the Film industry in Miami and attract top talent to the area, bringing new job opportunities for creatives in Miami, FL.

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