Maya Rudolph Says Her ‘Big Mouth’ Character Wants to Party With the ‘Stranger Things’ Cast

Maya Rudolph Says Her ‘Big Mouth’ Character Wants to Party With the ‘Stranger Things’ Cast

Maya Rudolph is on quite a roll. The SNL alum, who received nominations for best guest actress in a comedy series six years in a row — winning in 2020 and 2021 for returning to the NBC sketch series, first for a special appearance as Vice President Kamala Harris and then as the show’s host — also picked up two noms and wins in the past two years for outstanding character voiceover performance in Netflix’s Big Mouth. Playing Connie, the voluptuous, sensual and bubble bath-loving hormone monstress who guides the pubescent characters through their awkward transitions into young adulthood, has earned Rudolph her third nomination in the category this year — and a win would see her achieve a three-peat and her fifth Emmy in three years. Here, she tells THR about her excitement over her latest nod and who her animated alter ego would party with post-Emmys.

How is this third nomination for playing Connie meaningful to you?

Surreal. The fact that I’ve won two Emmys already for Connie is surreal. Maybe because it all happened during COVID?! I’m so happy that something I helped create has a life of its own. I’ve never seen more tattoos of any character I’ve ever done.

What’s the most cutting line you had to deliver on Big Mouth?

To Jessi Glaser, voiced by Jessi Klein: “She’s not your mom anymore. From now on, you call her ‘Shannon.’ “

Have you ever used (or were tempted to use) Connie’s voice in another work or social setting?

Oh, I’ve definitely given people a little “bubble bath” [one of Connie’s catchphrases] if they ask for it. I actually enjoy it.

Who would Connie want to hang with at Netflix’s Emmys afterparty?

The entire Stranger Things cast. She’s a really big fan.

Interview edited for length and clarity.

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