Markus Hetzenegger: What It Is Like To Spend Millions for Online Advertising

Markus Hetzenegger: What It Is Like To Spend Millions for Online Advertising

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It’s no secret we live in a digital age and no matter what your chosen industry, having an online presence is crucial for long term success. Globally, digital marketing is one of the fastest growing areas in the tech sector and partnering with the right Digital Marketer has become one of the most important decisions a business has to make.

So how do you choose from the thousands of different options and strategies, and how do you get the best value from your investment?

Enter Markus Hetzenegger.

Markus is a‘ superstar’ and the founder of NYBA Media, where his and personal approach has led to record returns for his advertising partners. With NYBA the approach is simple and successful. ‘We work exclusively with carefully selected customers who have similar values to ours and create real added value for the end user. The selection of customers and employees is very important to us : quality instead of quantity’ says Markus.

Growing up in Spain, Markus didn’t come from a business family. He was top of his class in both Spain and Germany and after a brief stint training with BMW Markus decided to branch out on his own and follow his for marketing, and so began the journey of NYBA Media.

Described as an ad , or boutique agency, NYBA is not just another Digital Marketing company. Markus ensures that his relationship with clients is more of a partnership then simply a marketing transaction. ‘We deliver real results that have a long term impact on progressive brands. We are not another full service marketing agency; we don’t do numbers and impressions that just look good on paper; we deliver sales and conversions that have a direct and measurable impact on your figues,’ claims Markus with pride.

Markus understands better than almost anyone else how to create a new market and he and his team at NYBA have been able to generate above average results (9 figure turnover) for many of his clients. NYBA Media works exclusively with selected clients and does not bill according to hours or project, but entirely based on results.

Markus works by the motto ‘the best always want to with the best’, and NYBA is set up based completely on this principle and this has seen them form relationships with some of Europe’s hottest startups, events and well established brands including Best Western Hotels, World Club Dome, Canton, and many more.

So if you’re ready to level up your branding and take giant leaps in the world of Digital Marketing have a chat to Markus and his team at NYBA Media. Their innovative and creative approach, partnered with demonstrated results, is a worthy investment for any business and the only way to ensure you’re the digital leader in your industry.