Mariah Carey’s tour demand is a staff member dedicated to throwing her gum away

Mariah Carey

The world doesn’t have many truly great divas — and even fewer American divas. Mariah Carey is one such superstar, known for her lavish lifestyle and over the top personality as much as for her incredible singing voice. Carey has been a star for well over two decades and is showing no sign of going anywhere. With a passionate fan base and scores of critical accolades and awards, Carey is truly an American icon. She has also made headlines many times over for her diva demands, including having staff members on hand tasked to do truly ridiculous things. 

Carey was born in New York and named after a famous Broadway musical. She was an excellent student and showed talent in acting, music, and the arts.

As a young woman, Carey was determined to make her own way in the world and did a stint in beauty school. She also made money singing at occasional gigs, and by the late eighties, she had made some friends in the music industry.

In 1988, Carey befriended Tommy Mottola, the head of Columbia Records. He helped her rise to fame in the music industry by securing her a record deal and getting her in touch with industry professionals.

Carey’s star quickly rose, and critics and fans alike raved about her perfect pitch and ability to hit any note. Eventually, Carey cut ties with Mottola — but by that point, she was a star, and was making headlines all on her own.

Carey has become a symbol for women’s empowerment and is one of the best-selling musical artists of all time. These days, Carey is a mother as well, although she always finds time for projects that matter to her. 

Mariah Carey’s diva lifestyle

Mariah Carey is known for her ability to hit all the right notes. She is also a diva of extraordinary proportions and stories about her excess have become legendary. Notoriously, Carey only wants to be filmed at certain angles, and even during interviews, she has reportedly asked producers to rearrange the cameras so that she can only be captured in the best light.

Many of Carey’s diva moments have been captured on film, such as the memorable occasions when she has had her backup dancers carry her onstage in an extravagant litter, and the other, less outlandish times when she has to be slightly tipsy in interviews or at awards shows. She also isn’t averse to telling off rude or pushy reporters and even telling them to new, more interesting questions to ask her. 

Mariah Carey’s special tour requests

Mariah Carey has become notorious for her feuds with others in the music industry, including Jennifer Lopez. While Carey will rarely discuss anything negative with the press or with her fans, many of her quirks have become widely publicized over the years — including her habit of spending money on rather ridiculous things. During one tour, Carey’s demands reached epic proportions. Reportedly, the star required bendable straws backstage (all the better to sip her costly with), and actually demanded that a new staff member be hired for the express purpose of throwing away her old chewing gum.

There’s no word on what the staff member was paid, but one thing’s for sure — Carey can undoubtedly afford anything that she wants. Carey rarely tours these days, but when she does, it seems as though she wants to travel in style, and in the manner to which she is accustomed. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all the latest Mariah Carey news!

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