Malvi Malhotra Opens Up On Her Stabbing Incident, Says She Wants to Concentrate Her Energies On Work and Not Hurt Herself Mentally By Thinking About Her Ordeal

Malvi Malhotra Opens Up On Her Stabbing Incident, Says She Wants to Concentrate Her Energies On Work and Not Hurt Herself Mentally By Thinking About Her Ordeal

Actress Malvi Malhotra underwent a huge ordeal when an acquaintance of her’s was pursuing her and she had spurned his advances. She was rushed to a hospital and underwent some intense treatment while her family flew in to stay by her side. Her assailant has been arrested but the incident has left a scar on her, which she is determined to come over and focus her energies only on work. Malvi Malhotra, Actress, Gets Stabbed With A Knife By Producer Yogesh Kumar: Reports.

“I had been shooting non-stop ever since shoots resumed post the lockdown. I shot for a music video in July in Banaras and another one in September. I had to begin shooting for a Telugu film in January. I hope they don’t replace me. I think I will be fine once I start working. I am trying to stay positive because that will aid my recovery. Physical health may not be in my control, but I can take care of my mental health. I don’t want to hurt myself mentally anymore by thinking about the incident,” said Malvi in a heart to heart with Bombay Times. Malvi Malhotra Opens Up On Her Stabbing, Reveals Her Attacker Yogesh Kumar Wanted to Injure Her Face.

Next up, the lady has a single “Tu Mila” for release, which will see her opposite actor Mrunal Jain. “I have such beautiful memories from the shoot of this song. We had an amazing time. The song is set in a village and has an Indian classical music feel to it. I shot for a couple of songs after lockdown,” she revealed.

She continued, “”Tu Mila” is the first song to release and I’m delighted. The excitement is unmatched, especially because of the timing of the release, which is just a month after that fateful incident. I have got a new lease of life. God has blessed me and saved my life. I am now focused on becoming a better version of myself. This tragedy has shaken me beyond words. I can’t undo the incident. However, I want to have a positive approach toward life and I am only thinking about the future and my work. I am praying and meditating a lot to not allow this incident to haunt me anymore.”

The actress also revealed that on the insistence of her father and self realisation that she needs to protect herself. “I have to be brave. My dad has told me to learn self-defence, so that I am better prepared to face any untoward incident and take care of myself. I want to be physically strong so that I am able to fight if anything unfortunate happens. I pity the person who did this to me. It shows his criminal mind,” she concluded.

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