Lizzo’s 10-Day Smoothie Detox Diet Doesn’t Go Well With The Fans, American Singer Shut Trolls With Bold Picture and Powerful Body Positive Message!

Lizzo’s 10-Day Smoothie Detox Diet Doesn't Go Well With The Fans, American Singer Shut Trolls With Bold Picture and Powerful Body Positive Message!

To American pop star, Lizzo, ‘body positivity,’ is a phrase that has accompanied her through her entire career path, along with colour, queerness and feminism. The singer’s commitment to not only owing to her physique but unabashedly celebrating it has offered a revolution in confidence. However, recently, her ideas were challenged and had upset fans. Recently, the 32-year-old singer shared a series of videos on Instagram that chronicled her experience on a smoothie cleanse. Although, Lizzo has every right to eat and drink, whatever she wants, and manage her health the way she sees fit, the pop star faced heavy backlash online. People accused her of promoting ‘harmful’ behaviour and ‘perpetuating diet culture.’ The American singer posted another bold picture of herself with a powerful body-positive message and shut trolls on social media.

The ‘Truth Hurts’ singer has always been vocal about changing the way she feels about her body. Her strong opinions have always earned her enough praises online. In 2020, Lizzo became the first ‘big black woman’ to get featured on Vogue magazine cover. Her achievements have always been inspiring. But when she shared her journey of 10-day smoothie diet, it did not go well with fans. The smoothie detox diet includes drinking a variety of detox smoothies for ten days, and at the same time, the singer was taking vitamin supplements. Lizzo shared her journey by introducing her followers to what she eats in a day.

Here’s the Video:

Even though, the singer has all the right to eat, drink, follow a diet or not and do whatever she feels is suitable for her body; many went ahead trolling her online, accusing her of promoting harmful behaviour.

Following reaction from followers, Lizzo responded with a follow-up video, explaining that she was “proud of the results,” and how “every big girl should do whatever they want with their bodies.”

Body Positivity!

For good measure, the rapper shared another photo of herself, posed topless as her own positive affirmations played in the background. She narrated, “I detoxed my body and I’m still fat. I love my body and I’m still fat. I’m beautiful and I’m still fat. These things are not mutually exclusive. To the people who look to me, please do not starve yourselves. I did not starve myself. I fed myself greens and water and fruit and protein and sunlight. You don’t have to do that to be beautiful or healthy. That was my way. You can do life your way. Remember, despite anything anyone says or does. DO WHAT YOU WANT WITH YOUR BODY.”

Bold, Beautiful and Body Positive!

The powerful message went viral, and singer Lizzo once again set the tone right, with her powerful message of body positivity and self-love. And she is right, it is her body, and only she has the right to experiment with whatever diet she wants and manage her health she sees fit. You go, girl!

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