Listening Radio to learn English

Listening to the radio is one of the most common forms of entertainment. The radio go with you at different times, for example, while listening to music in your daily routine. Radio also helps students and professionals learn English. Like watching movies in the original version, listening to a podcast or reading a book, this experience is a concrete example of how to integrate this learning into the daily routine. 

Advantages of Listening Radio

Learn vocabulary by listening to the radio in English

By combine the habit of making a space for this entertainment. This hobby of listening  it will help you improve your level of understanding.

Listen to the radio wherever you are

Another advantage of this means of communication is, this communication is closser to everyone. It is also possible to access this type of content from the Internet. One of the advantages of it, compared to cinema or TV, is that this means of communication accompanies you, while you do other tasks. Listening to learn English both when you are immersed in your usual routine and when you are traveling in a different destination than usual.

Interesting information and cultural news

By listening to the radio in English, you are not only learning the language and adding new words, you are also spending time other topics that interest you. For example, cinema news, interviews with writers, music news and culture.

Motivation to learn English by listening to the radio

The motivation of a listener who concentrates a program that he likes also increases his level of motivation in to the educational purpose of this experience.  the radio is also a scholar tool to learn English as we have commented in this post in Training and Studies.

Radio Reaches a Huge Audience

The latest 2019 survey results show the number of people listening to it is continuing to increase. In Australia, over 10 million people listen to a commercial radio station for at least one hour every week of the year.

Offers Promotional Opportunities

A “live broadcast” at your location, sampling your product air, running a competition. Promotions like this can be hard to do with social media, print, or television, but radio can offer this sort of target customer at an affordable price. It can really personalize your product .

Flexible and Immediate

Radio commercials can be create quickly without the production and delays of other media. Copy can be produce and revise at short notice. A advertising campaign can be up and running within a week.

Provides a Strong Call-To-Action

Commercials can be selectively schedule by day-part and weekday, enabling messages to be delivered close to purchase. Listeners can act an advertiser’s message and participate in station competitions.