LinkedIn and other applications rectify and stop copying from clipboard on iOS


The clipboard function is very useful and serves many users to avoid having to write everything multiple times. However, with iOS 14 a utility that was given by many applications and that went unnoticed has been discovered, a way to use the clipboard that worries privacy experts.

Apple has pulled off a new privacy and control feature with iOS 14 that is putting a few apps on the hook. LinkedIn and Reddit are one of them, as well as TikTok. As some users explain, with this new feature of iOS 14 they have discovered that these apps copy the contents of the clipboard even when it is not being used, simply by writing some text.

In other words, when we are writing a comment in any of these applications, if we have something stored in the clipboard, the application accesses that message and copies it without permission. It does not if we are writing on a different topic, if you have copied a private phone or some bank information on the clipboard, these apps have access to it.

For this reason, iOS 14 (still in the testing phase) is preparing to alert users with an alert message at the it detects that an app has had access to the clipboard and thus the use it makes has been discovered. many applications of it.

LinkedIn has described this fact as an error, they assure that they do not store or transmit the contents of the clipboard. According to the job portal, the application copies the contents of the clipboard to perform a “equality check” between what a user is typing and what is on their clipboard. Tiktok has described it as an antispam feature.

Reddit, meanwhile, explains that his app accesses the clipboard when the user is typing to display title suggestions. That is, if you find a link, it will suggest the title of the web. Whatever the reason, they have all received complaints from users on social media and have promised to remove that feature that allows them to check the clipboard without permission.

Depending on iOS, updates are being deployed and released, we may know other applications with similar tasks. In Forbes assure that up to 53 apps with this behavior have already been detected. For the moment, the only thing users can do is check that we do not have any important or private information on the clipboard before entering any app and starting to write, until this activity is completely eliminated.

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