Life Coaching For Low Income?

When I first decided to write this I was kind of confused on what to write about. Then I began to reflect on my own life and different situations that I have gone through myself. I asked myself several questions:

What if pregnant teens had the opportunity to have a life coach to let them know that life is not over but they would now have to work a little harder?

What if students were assigned a life coach when schools noticed they were at high risk for dropping out?

What if at the very moment when a mother stood in the welfare line for the first time and applied for food stamps one of the requirements would be that she was assigned a life coach?

What if government housing programs offered life coaching programs designed to motivate families into home ownership?

According to an posted by Media General News Services 52 percent of South Carolinas kindergarten through high school students comes from low income families and for the first time in 40 years the South is the only region in the nation where low income children are the majority in public schools. Children that are raised in low income households have a higher percentage of drop out rates than those in middle and upper class communities. In most low income communities counseling, planning, or professional guidance on how to balance the obstacles of life may not be a resource offered through coaching? Low income communities don’t always get the opportunities others get because of limited resources, whether it’s from funding or involvement from people. Life coaching, of course may not everyone, but it can make a difference for those who want to find a way out. Some people know what they want to do, but are limited so they only excel as far as their eyes can see.

When working with low income communities the goals of a Life Coach should be to work with those that are less privileged due to a lack of resources in order to teach self sufficiency and strategic planning for their future. Life coaching should offer career development, financial planning, educational resource classes, and community study sessions that give assistance in finding out what options and resources are out there for them to use, as well learn from them what they need from us. Everyone has hopes and dreams and they should not feel they have to be in a certain financial bracket to succeed. Its time out on just servicing those who can afford, but to also assist the needs of the communities that have been separated within its own class. Now is the time to get down to the root of the issue and make a difference. So is there a need for life coaching for low income families? Yes, its time to reach back and grab a hold of our children, our single parents, our two parent families that have two paychecks coming in, but still do not make enough to pay the bills. I feel that life coaching in low income communities can make a difference socially and economically, which will benefit all communities as a whole.

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