LG is working on a mobile phone with a roll-up screen


Folding mobiles are still in their most initial phase in the market and each brand is working on new designs and technologies to find the phone that opens the way to a more consolidated phase. While some bet on mobiles that fold in half, LG is interested in one that rolls up.

The information comes from the Korean media outlet The Elec, where they assure that the South Korean technology company is currently developing a roll-up screen phone that will be launched on the market in 2021.

For now there is no image of the phone, but we have already seen LG capable of making a television screen disappear by rolling it in a drawer, with the launch of the Signature OLED TV R. The idea would be for this new smartphone that Thanks to this technology, it would be rolled up as a sheet of paper instead of just being folded in half, something to the mobile concept that TCL is dealing with.

As described in the leaked information, the design LG would be working on consists of a full-size phone when it’s deployed. The screen would roll up on the sides of the phone, thus leaving a more terminal, but if we want it to be larger it could be unfolded until it reaches a larger size. In the absence of images, the description of the concept reminds us of a scroll.

Of course, the screen used by LG would be OLED and with it they would the capabilities of the technology developed by the company during these years of innovation. The phone would carry the name of Proyect B right now, until it is finished and ready to announce to the market.

Far from being a simple prototype or a concept design to display on a shelf, according to this information, the brand wants to take the model to stores and put it up for sale. The question is whether the display will have a life long enough to be worth your purchase, or if it will deteriorate easily by constantly storing and unwinding it.

After launching the LG Velvet, the manufacturer has made it clear that it wants to give a new air to its mobile catalog. With these new data, it seems that you are not only interested in being part of the companies with premium mobiles, but you also want to lead the innovation and evolution of recent mobiles with folding or flexible screens. Time will tell.

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