Lakers win over Bucks starts 6-game trip with glimmer of hope

Lakers win over Bucks starts 6-game trip with glimmer of hope

The Lakers won their second straight game in October, the first time there was any talk of “turning the corner”. The season began with five losses in Los Angeles before wins against Denver and New Orleans sparked faint signs of hope.

As the media entered the postgame locker room, the players jumped while Patrick Beverley’s voice blared over the music.

“Keep up the same energy,” he told reporters.

The Beverlys and the Lakers were happy with their role in the write-off that night.

Although with the Lakers losing five games in a row will change the mood, their warts are too obvious to ignore. The big-picture questions from the previous season regarding roster construction and players’ fitness had not faded away. Consistency and injury problems threatened to define his season. And the relentless positivity of first-year coach Darwin Hamm was looking more and more misplaced.

now? Perhaps that energy is worth re-evaluating.

Beginning with a win against Brooklyn on November 13 and illustrated by a 133-129 win at Milwaukee on Friday night, the Lakers may actually be in a position to put their doubters to rest if they can maintain this level of play. Huh.

Starting with their win over the Nets, the Lakers have the fourth best offense and fourth best defense in the league. Their net rating is third behind only New Orleans and Boston. Anthony Davis is playing some of the best basketball of his Lakers tenure. LeBron James is on the mend. Russell Westbrook has settled in and role players like Austin Reeves have stepped in.

Since November 13, only Boston’s lineup with Jayson Tatum and Derrick White has outscored what the Lakers have done with Reeves on the floor – his plus/minus rating in the Lakers’ last nine games is a whopping plus-102. .

Undeniably, a softer schedule has helped the team — three games against San Antonio, playing opponents on the second nights of back-to-back games — but the stretch also includes meetings with the Phoenix Suns and Bucks, which The Lakers are looking more than capable.

James, who said the Lakers weren’t flat-out on the Bucks’ level a year ago, would not lead his team to Milwaukee’s spot in the league even after the Bucks’ offense suffered a big night.

“Certainly we’re not comparing them. It’s a well-oiled machine,” James said Friday night. “That group has been playing together for a long time — so many minutes logged, so many games logged. There weren’t. But for us, we just worry about what we’re trying to do. We Trying to get better every day. We want to play complementary basketball on both sides of the floor, and continue to be great to each other on the floor. And I think we did that tonight.

More than anything, the Lakers getting great games from Davis, James and Westbrook at the same time on a big stage should be most encouraging.

Ham said, “When they hired me there was no doubt in my mind that we could figure out a plan to make this work.”

Despite another gem of an all-around offense from Davis and James, Westbrook was able to make the biggest play of the game – diving for a loose ball to put the Lakers ahead by two possessions in the final minute.

After the Bucks missed their chance to make the game-tying three, he missed a pair of free throws that would have sealed the win.

Of Westbrook, Ham said, “From what I’ve seen of him, he’s enjoying playing basketball.” “You can see the joy on his face. He’s enjoying playing basketball and that’s how it should be.

Maintaining the momentum on this journey will not be easy. The Washington Wizards, the Lakers’ opponent on Sunday, have been a capable team, and the Lakers don’t know whether James’ problematic left ankle will be too sore for him to play after rolling again on Friday.

Any inevitable regression will force some common questions to re-emerge about the Lakers’ shooting, consistency and fit with each other.

Yet if Friday’s performance against the Bucks represents the Lakers’ ceiling, it deserves some level of excitement.

“It was a beautiful night,” said Haim. “Amazing, wonderful night for our team, for our franchise. Great way to start a six-game road trip. ,

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