Laghushanka Movie Review: Shweta Tripathi’s Film On Bed-Wetting In Adults Puts You In A Good Mood But Lacks Depth

Laghushanka Movie Review: Shweta Tripathi's Film On Bed-Wetting In Adults Puts You In A Good Mood But Lacks Depth

Laghushanka review: SonyLIV has been coming up with some incredible pieces of content lately with JL50, Scam 1992, Ghar Ki Murgi, to name a few. That gladdens us a lot as in the last couple of months, these are the movies which not only entertained us but made us think too. That’s quite a rare feat these days when OTT platforms are in a race to bombard subscribers with content. To add to that comes a very short and sweet movie called Laghushanka which means peeing. Shweta Tripathi Believes There Is a Need of Dialogue on Mental Health As We Head to the Unlock Phase

Written and directed by Nikhil Mehrotra, Laghushanka is a story of a girl named Shruti (Shweta Tripathi) who’s bed-wetting condition returns after a month, a day before she is about to get married. It obviously puts the whole family in panic mode. Shruti’s family assemble for a meeting on whether or not to inform the groom’s family about her condition. After bickering for some time, they decide to go ahead with the wedding and keep the truth. On the D-day, everyone is given the task to make sure Shruti doesn’t drink too much liquid and her bathroom breaks are regular. Despite having contrasting views about how to tackle the problem, the whole family gets together to help Shruti get married.

The day after the wedding night, Shruti realises she has wet the bed again and is horrified to face her husband, played by Yogendra Vikram Singh. But here comes a twist she didn’t see coming which leaves her deliriously happy! You obviously have to watch this movie to know what that is.

The simplicity of the story is the first thing that will tug your heartstrings. There’s nothing overly dramatised. A very important issue is being tackled in a humorous way…something that Ayushmann Khurrana movies have aced in last couple of years. Never does it go overboard or preachy in any way. The best bit is when the whole family gets together. We all know what happens in such family gatherings that have an agenda to discuss, especially in joint families. Chaos ensues where grudges against each other tumble out. While Shruti’s father keeps trying to get the members to stick to the topic, they digress easily. All of us will relate to that scene because that plays out in nearly every real family set-up.

Watch the trailer of Laghushanka here

After perhaps years, I felt a movie is too short! This 14 and half minutes movie sums up so quickly that you are left wondering why is it so short. In these 14 minutes, crisp direction and supreme screenplay manage to get you involved in the household affairs.

That could also be a reason why the end seems rushed and a little too convenient. I am not going to reveal what it is but it will leave you with a nagging feeling of ‘That’s it?’ It doesn’t give you closure at all. It obviously is open to the interpretation of what happened next but it does leave you high and dry. Such topics are rarely discussed on any platform and thus, this movie should have started a discussion. It seems more like a notification about a problem rather than a detailed report.

Performances are top-notch with Shweta Tripathi acing it. I wonder if she is turning into an actress  who is the first choice for movies on medical conditions that are hushed up in our society. She was a girl with Aloepacia in Gone Kesh and now this. I am not complaining because she is a fantastic performer. Everyone else in the cast has done a superb job in presenting the story effectively in just a couple of minutes.


  • Simple yet brilliant premise
  • Superb performances
  • Crisp direction


  • Convenient finish
  • Too short
  • Doesn’t delve deeper into the issue

Final Thoughts: Laghushanka is a must-watch for two reasons. One it wins you over with its feel-good content and two, it broaches the bed-wetting condition in adults that’s rarely discussed. But it has a convenient finish which hurts!


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