Kreem: Samyuktha Hegde Sustains Ligament Tear While Shooting for a Stunt Sequence, Actress To Undergo Surgery (Watch Video)

Kreem: Samyuktha Hegde Sustains Ligament Tear While Shooting for a Stunt Sequence, Actress To Undergo Surgery (Watch Video)

Actress Samyuktha Hegde, who sustained a ligament tear while shooting for a stunt sequence for the Kannada film Kreem, will undergo a surgery to recover from the injury. Taking to Instagram, the actress posted a video clip of the stunt sequence in which she sustained the injury and wrote, “I tore my ACL and that’s how it happened! We were shooting for a fight sequence. I rehearsed the scene perfectly about six times before the take and then, on take, I slipped a dot and my knee slipped a little more than a dot. Kannada Actress Samyuktha Hegde and Friend Shamed and Assaulted in Bangalore Park For Wearing Sports Attire and Working Out (Watch Videos).

“I screamed with a chilling pain and my mind went blank. A few seconds later, I couldn’t even understand where the pain was felt from. I’m someone who doesn’t cry for small injuries. I just dust myself off and get back to whatever I was doing but this time, I couldn’t. “I was on set so my team helped me to the hospital and the doctor looked at me and said it shouldn’t be anything major cause I’d be in a lot of pain and tears if it was.

“We did an x-ray and all my bones looked fine, then we did an MRI (my first MRI) and there we could see that my ligament was completely torn. I consulted five different surgeons, two physiotherapists and everyone has suggested I get a surgery done as the damage is not repairable by itself.

“When the last surgeon told me that this is the way, I cried not being able to accept the fact that I won’t be able to do anything except rehab and recovery for at least three-four months (best case scenario) post op. “I’m going to give this recovery journey my all, strengthen myself and bounce back as soon as possible. My movie team, especially my director Abhishek Basanth and producer have been super supportive with everything and they are nourishing me with all the strength and positivity I need to come out of this stronger. Theal: Prabhu Deva and Samyuktha Hegde’s Film Gets Postponed; New Release Date to Be Announced Soon!

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“Abhishek Basanth says, ‘I’m a warrior and I’m gonna come out of this into something more deadly than I am today’. My cinematographer Sunoj Velayudhan constantly reminds me I’m his hero and there’s no one who could have done the things I have in this film and this is the time I need to focus on getting better and that’s it. “And last but surely not the least, my family, friends and all of you have been sending me so much love. All of your words truly motivates me to recover and be back soon! Hey there my legs, don’t worry we will come back stronger okay?”

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