Kia debuts the EV5 SUV alongside two new affordable electric concepts

At Kia’s EV day event, the automaker has launched its upcoming electric vehicle, the EV5, and introduced two new concepts meant to make the technology more accessible. The company says it aims to offer people a wide-ranging EV lineup that includes the EV6 and the newer EV9, which promises Level 3 autonomy and a 336-mile range. It’s hoping to sell the EV5 and, eventually, the EV4 and EV3 at prices ranging from $35,000 to $50,000 “to accelerate the widespread adoption of EVs.”

The EV5 SUV is the third purely electric vehicle in its lineup. Kia designed it on top of E-GMP, its dedicated EV platform, and currently plans to manufacture and sell them in China and Korea. Its specifications differ for each market, with China getting a standard, a long-range and a long-range AWD variant. China’s standard model will come with a 64kWh battery pack, along with a 160kW motor, and is expected to have a range of 530 km or 329 miles.

Meanwhile, the long-range version will have a bigger battery that can reach a range of 720 km or 447 miles on a single charge. The AWD model will have a range of 650 km or 404 miles and will come with a fast-charging capability. As for the Korean models, their range will apparently be tailored to meet market demands. Kia says a GT variant with performance features will also be unveiled at a later date.

A small SUV


While the EV5 is very much a real product that will initially be available for sale in the Chinese market later this year, the other electric vehicles Kia unveiled during its event are still a concept at this point. The EV3 (pictured above), if it turns out exactly as the automaker has envisioned, will be a compact and accessible version of the EV9. Kia’s EV4 (below), on the other hand, will be a sedan with a low nose, sharp lines and a futuristic cocoon-like interior. It remains to be seen whether Kia can achieve a $35,000 price point, which seems to be a common target among EV makers, for any of the aforementioned vehicles.

A Chrome sedan.


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