Jvanz Unveils New Song ‘Reach Into Myself’ Alongside Debut NFT

Jvanz Unveils New Song 'Reach Into Myself' Alongside Debut NFT

Rising Canadian star Jvanz is gearing up to release his brand new single “Reach Into Myself,” paired with an exclusive NFT, in a move that could create Canadian history for him as an independent artist.

A very sexy and feel-good record, “Reach Into Myself” holds a much deeper meaning behind the lyrics. As Jvanz reveals: “the song was written in my perspective from my experience of realizing I only appreciate the outer shell of what I’m looking at, but never feel fulfilled. Only recently I’ve realized one’s true beauty and energy lies within and sometimes we need to ‘reach into ourselves’ to find that.”

Jvanz’s management team Icon Island Inc. has partnered with the legendary company Monegraph for the launch of the NFT. If the name ‘Monegraph’ sounds familiar to you, it might be due to the number of headlines from their co-founder Kevin Mccoy, who sold the first ever minted NFT … and a certified legend. It’s not every day an artist gets to work with such an expert team for their first NFT release, let alone an independent artist, and with this stellar alliance working alongside him, Jvanz is certainly poised to make waves with this one.

The unique digital art piece will incorporate an exclusive audio clip, and is a visual representation of the song with a conceptualized meaning. Furthermore, a portion of the final NFT sale price will be donated to the charitable organization: “1% For The Planet”. You can see all the The NFT action and live Auction right here: JvanzNFT.com

This is by no means Jvanz’s first step towards major success. As an artist he has proved himself time and time again, racking up millions of streams on Spotify, amassing a massive audience on TikTok in just a few months and being featured on notable publications such as Rolling Stone, Lyrical Lemonade and many more.

About Jvanz – Born into a musical family of singers, Canadian Singer-Songwriter Jvanz knew he wanted to make music from an early age. With limited resources in his small town Jvanz used YouTube to give himself music lessons and polish his vocal skills while still in elementary school. He began uploading cover songs to Facebook and YouTube at just twelve years old. By high school he started MoJo, a music partnership with his close friend Mohammed. The pair used Instagram to upload a series of trap soul freestyle videos that quickly took off on the platform, bringing in thousands of loyal followers and fans from around the world.

Shortly after MoJo gained traction as a musical force, Jvanz’s closest childhood friend Tanner took his own life on Burgoyne Bridge in downtown St. Catherine’s. The heartbreaking turn of events inspired Jvanz to double down on his music career to carry on his legacy. He released the suicide prevention single “1–800–263–4944” via MoJo shortly thereafter. Shot on Burgoyne Bridge, the powerful video raised awareness for mental illness and provided free helplines for those suffering.

Following a stream of well-received singles, Jvanz ended 2020 on a high note releasing his EP “Lane Change” which got official support from Apple Music, Spotify and Musique Quebec and currently has over 750,000 streams on Spotify alone. Even during a world

pandemic, he continued to perform at NXNE, a virtual Youtube concert and a sold out drive-in event for Labor Day weekend in Niagara Falls.

In only 1 year Jvanz has rapidly grown in his career as a Musician gaining over 25,000 Followers organically on Instagram and is Verified on all social media platforms. He has gotten featured on major press outlets including Rolling Stone, Dancing Astronaut, Lyrical Lemonade and more. With all this accomplished in such little time Jvanz is proving to be Canada’s next super-star and one to watch.

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