Justice League Fans Call For Warner Bros. To Restore The Snyder Verse By Trending It On Twitter

Justice League Fans Call For Warner Bros. To Restore The Snyder Verse By Trending It On Twitter

Release the Snyder cut is one of the most thrilling social media movements. Which compelled bigwigs to relinquish their egos in front of the fans of DC superheroes. Soon enough, Zack Snyder’s Justice League got ready to have an HBO Max reveal in 2021. Now the fans have taken to Twitter again with Restore The Snyder Verse hashtag. In a New York Times profiler, DC Films head Walter Hamada mentioned the slate of movies. They are looking forward to and any follow-ups of Snyder’s cut was missing from it. The article also mentioned how the director is not part of any of DC Films’ plans. Confirmed! Warner Bros To Release Justice League Snyder Cut on HBOMax in 2021, Reveals Zack Snyder 

Resultantly, the storm of posts with the hashtag has returned on Twitter with fans planning to make it an international event on December 31. The Snyder Verse includes Man Of Steel, Batman Vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice and now his version of JL. Check out some of the reactions here…

DO IT @ATT @jasonkilar

Bruce Wayne & Thomas Wayne@BenAffleck @JDMorgan #RestoreTheSnyderVerse pic.twitter.com/NOq9QL9zLR

— #ReleaseTheAyerCut (@SnyderVerseDC) December 28, 2020

The demands just keep rising!

#ZackSnydersJusticeLeague is gonna be incredible, but it would be even cooler if we got to see the completion of Zack Snyder’s Superman story arc. #RestoreTheSnyderVerse pic.twitter.com/VriN5SM5XG

— TheBatSkeptic (@TheBatSkeptic) December 28, 2020

Spartans for the superheroes!


SPARTANS LETS GOOOOOOO#RestoreTheSnyderVerse pic.twitter.com/d9La6F8CxL

— Geralt of Rivia (@Itssan17) December 28, 2020

Behti gang mein haath dhona…an apt example!

And remember, #RestoreTheSnyderVerse also means trending #ReleaseTheAyerCut and #MakeTheBatfleckMovie and many other projects. pic.twitter.com/jpHBU1PRBg

— facu #RestoreTheSnyderVerse (@faculovesdc) December 29, 2020

Riding the tide

Ride ain’t over yet…#ZackSnydersJL #RestoreTheSnyderVerse pic.twitter.com/SwtczMqwH2

— Ishaan Sangha (@IshaanSangha) December 28, 2020

Warner Bros. should answer him

Who tf is this @warnerbros Insider??#RestoreTheSnyderVerse pic.twitter.com/L2xkpo299s

— Ayush (@soul_kira_) December 28, 2020

Somebody finds it funny too

It’s actually hilarious to see Hamada and WB downplaying the potential of #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague whereas Jason Kilar himself is hyping #ZSJL

WB is totally tone-deaf. This will only motivate the fans to campaign more. It’s basically providing ammo.#RestoreTheSnyderVerse pic.twitter.com/wTnHylkvAv

— Booze Wayne (@BoozedWayne) December 28, 2020

Do you bleed?

It seems like Walter Hamada and Tobby Emmerich have activated their pseudo-journalists aka professional trolls.

“They’ve never faced us before…Not #UsUnited#RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague pic.twitter.com/SQ2yZmIOvn

— AtpzA #AssociateProducer #ZSJL (@HereForZack) December 28, 2020

As real as it can get, of course!

Everyone, the Snyder verse is real. It can’t end after #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague . #RestoreTheSnyderVerse on December 31 https://t.co/KGipUs3cQA

— The Batfleck Movie #MakeTheBatfleckMovie (@BatfleckMovie) December 28, 2020

While the fans champion for its follow-ups, Zack Snyder himself doesn’t see that in the future. He told Ping Pong Flix, “If [sequels] happened, that would be amazing — but that bridge is far away. Frankly, I’m cool.” Well, we think the fans will have to convince the main man first.

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