Jerad Eickhoff, Time Portals, And Old Aaron Glenn Jerseys

Forgive me if I’ve made this comparison before, but I’m reminded again of my brother’s Aaron Glenn jersey, which he tried to either give away, throw away, burn, stab or encase in carbonite at least 5-10 different times. Somehow, it just kept showing up in a box, or a drawer, or a hanger, no worse for wear. I’m sure you have a piece of clothing like that.

In this version of the analogy, Jerad Eickhoff is the Aaron Glenn jersey. After his second DFA in a month, he somehow made his way back to the Mets for one more, and hopefully one final, start. After three abysmal starts (Five runs and eight hits in six innings … two runs and six hits in two and a third … seven runs/two earned and six hits in one and two thirds), Eickhoff followed that up with a historically bad start, giving up ten runs on seven hits and five walks in three and a third in a 12-5 loss to Atlanta.

What’s crazy is that I’m reasonably sure that I was at the Steve Trachsel game in 2001. I’m less reasonably sure that this game has actually ended as, after all, it was a Steve Trachsel start.

Look, I get it. Jerad Eickhoff is who he is. I certainly didn’t expect this game to be in the bag with the pitching matchup being Eickhoff against Charlie Morton. And I also get that we’re just about 72 hours away from the trading deadline and Zack Scott is still playing poker with other general managers, trying not to portray that his team was desperate for starting pitching. Tonight, he didn’t have to portray anything. All other GMs have to do is look at the boxscore.

A towering two run home run to Ozzie Ablies. Another two run shot to the power alley to Abraham Almonte. A grand slam to Austin Riley that was hit so hard that it went through a time portal and it was just used by Steve Trachsel to give up a home run to Lee Stevens. (That game never ends!) I mean, what more proof do you need that he can’t have any more starts for this team this year. He … just … can’t!

Give him the World Series ring. Give him a full share. But just don’t give him another start. My central nervous system just can’t take it anymore.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Max Scherzer …
  2. … who apparently won’t waive his no-trade clause to come to the Mets.
  3. I get that he probably doesn’t want to stay in the division and face his friends.
  4. I have all the respect in the world for him. But if he doesn’t want to come here, then screw him.
  5. Still … damn.

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