James Cameron Birthday Special: From Avatar to Terminator, 5 Best Films of the Famed Director That Changed the Game!

James Cameron Birthday Special: From Avatar to Terminator, 5 Best Films of the Famed Director That Changed the Game!

James Cameron has made some of the highest grossing films of all time. Doing that without any franchise or previous movies out there, Cameron went out and made Titanic and Avatar. Both the movies ruled the box office for a really long time with Avatar continuing to do so. While his films did make a lot of money, Cameron has also constantly elevated the concept of what can be achieved with cinema. Avatar – The Way of Water Teaser Trailer: James Cameron’s Sci-Fi Movie Is a Visual Treat for Fans (View Pic and Video).

Cameron’s films have constantly pushed the envelope with how they can influence the cinema. For example, when originally released, Avatar changed the visual hemisphere as the film featured some groundbreaking CGI. So, to celebrate James Cameron’s 68th birthday, here are five of his best films that changed the game.

The Terminator

The film that put Cameron on the map, The Terminator was a technological feat for the time it was released at. Featuring Arnold as a hulking monster take out Sarah Connor so she could never give birth to Earth’s saviour, the movie was an advancement for how practical effects could work so well in films and elevated the genre of sci-fi action and horror to new levels.


Capturing this tragedy through the eyes of a romance film, the story of Jack and Rose is tear-jerking one. Cameron put in so much passion over here that you could feel excellence ooze out in every frame. It’s truly a masterpiece, but that’s not saying much when you’re talking about THE James Cameron.


Cameron is known for taking sequels and making them way well after the first film was released. Taking over the reigns from Ridley Scott, Cameron brought back the story of Ripley but in a way that no one saw. Just adding a simple “s” in front of the original movie’s title and making it an action romp with double the Xenomorphs, Aliens is a true sci-fi classic.


When Avatar was supposed to come out, the fad of 3D films had started. Not many knew how to utilise that technology properly, but Cameron knocked it out of the park. With the world of Pandora being beautifully realised with a heartfelt story in front of it, Avatar was a technological marvel in all the right ways.

Terminator 2: Judgement Day

Another sequel that comes years later after the first one, Terminator 2: Judgement Day changed the way action movies would be made. Featuring some high-flying stunts and enough explosive action to give you a testosterone pump, it’s the perfect blueprint of how you can make a hard-hitting sci-fi classic. Avatar Director James Cameron Says He May Pass the Baton to Trustworthy Filmmaker for Final Films.

Let’s hope James Cameron brings the same heat with Avatar 2: The Way of Water considering it’s been so long in the making. With this, we finish off the list and wish him a very happy birthday.

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