Is There Life Beyond Your Phone?

Life is hectic – time is short. Everyone is trying to keep “connected” because you need to know what is happening at every single moment of the day and sometimes even into the night when you can’t sleep. Your fingers are so busy using apps and texting that you have to wonder how the “ancient” world got away with just a telephone or even a simple computer. It was difficult you must think because what if someone tried to reach you asking you what to wear or whether they should answer a “text” from someone they didn’t really like but did not want to ignore either because they had connections.

Silence is a word that many would mandate be removed from the dictionary. It should not exist because it promotes stepping aside from the main “connection” and not knowing what happened in Africa or Asia that very moment. News cannot be more than ten seconds old or it is irrelevant. Up to date, up to the minute, and yesterday just doesn’t exist.

Homes stay connected because parents need to know everything their children are thinking, who they are talking to, and what is happening in every moment of their lives and children need to know where mom is and where she is going and what is for supper and… Dad can’t really concentrate on his job at work unless he knows what everyone is talking about so he can comment on any situation with anyone.

In ancient times I had a teacher who made a statement that I have never forgotten even in my advancing years. She said “if you can’t live with yourself in silence for a few moments, then there is something wrong with you – not the world around you.” These few words come to mind so often lately when I see everyone doing everything but drive their cars on the highways. They are staying “connected.” No one sits on the beach during the summer, or enjoys a walk in nature without checking their phones or using their finger to make sure that not a word is missed of any conversation within one hundred miles of where they are. Once home, TV is turned on, and that hand-held device is checking every minute because you never know if the world could just disappear and you would not know it that very minute. Is there something wrong with today’s society, or has the world just decided to go off the deep edge but promised to keep everyone informed of each misstep? Violence is rampant, anger is criminal, and children don’t even know they have imaginations and playtime is programmed for them so make-believe is passe. Phones are buzzing, no one leaves home without their “device” and many have been known to walk in front of moving traffic, and even step off cliffs.

If we all just took a deep breath and “stopped” being connected for just a moment, we might realize that the seasons are changing, the children are growing up, and the grandparents are getting older. Maybe we might remember that there is a God in heaven, and many are homeless and children go to bed hungry. Life is not programmed by your device, but you won’t know that because you believe that what is written in those messages is also written in stone. People don’t talk to each other, or face each other -they text. Families may eat together but they are not “together”. Each person has their equipment right there and keep checking it not knowing that they ate the napkin and left the food on the table. Drivers don’t wave to neighbors because they can’t see them over their phone. People don’t do “holidays” because they have to be politically correct or so their I-phone told them.

In short, up before you fall off the cliff of your life. In the end, that phone stays here and you go to the place your life destined you for and all the times people needed you, life needed you, and your family languished from not knowing what a “hug” was but you made sure they had your “cell” number. Life is short and each day makes it shorter – try putting that “device” and look around. You just might realize that there is life outside of that little box with real people, real needs, and real love. Try it -you might just like it.

©Arleen Schindler

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