Is it so easy to scan QR codes from iPhone and Android camera


At first, QR codes were seen as an exotic solution for sharing information, files or directly internet links . A code with black and white squares. You zoom in on the camera, and it detects it. However, although in countries like Japan scanning QR codes is the order of the day, in other countries it has had more or less popular moments.

Luckily for many, although for a time they were practically disappeared, today QR codes are becoming more frequent . Thanks to them, it is very to share a that will take you to the menu of a restaurant, to the official page of the place where you are, to download the official app or to obtain more information about an advertising campaign. It is also used to user accounts, give permissions or, for example, configure your Netflix or YouTube accounts on your TV.

Not only that. Although you used to need to install a QR reader to scan QR codes , if you have the latest version of iOS and Android you can detect QR codes directly from the phone’s camera, without installing third-party applications.

Scan QR codes on iPhone

QR code reading is available on both iPhone and iPad and iPod touch. You only need to take a look at the phone settings to see if the is activated, which is usually the case by default.

So, if you go to Settings> Camera> Scan QR codes , you must make sure that this option is activated. If not, activate it by clicking on the corresponding button. There’s no more.

From now on, when you open the Camera app , if you zoom in on a QR code, the camera will detect it and highlight the corners of the code with yellow indicators. Instantly, a message will appear at the top of the screen indicating the content that was hidden behind the QR code .

Read QR codes on Android

Google has also provided Android with default for QR codes , so that your Android smartphone is, in practice, a QR reader. Specifically, you will need to have Android 9 or a more current version.

Just like with iPhone, to scan QR codes from Android, you just have to open the Camera application , to the QR code and wait for it to focus correctly and detect it correctly. A floating message will appear instantly indicating the content behind that QR code.

To correctly detect the QR code, Google recommends raising the brightness, cleaning the camera lens, keeping the phone straight and bringing the camera closer to the code so that it can focus correctly .

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