International Picnic Day 2022- History, Theme

We all use to go on picnics with and family to enjoy and take break from busy life schedule. So in order to not forget to take a break, International Picnic Day is celebrated on 18th of June. The main purpose is to gather together outdoors to eat, play and enjoy. Picnics are a fun party that does not require a big budget you just need good weather and a good place to engage with friends, family, and loved ones. Hence, to mark the importance of the picnic every year International Picnic Day is celebrate across the world.

History of Picnic Day

It is widely recognize as an informal eating festival that serves as a getaway from formalities. Picnics have been around since ancient times. The ancient Romans enjoyed a picnic with their friends, family members, and loved ones. The Day encourages individuals to spend their time outside and in the company of others. On this day, many charitable events are also held, and schools utilize the occasion to host picnics for their students. The word picnic comes from pick, which means to eat small amounts of food at various times throughout the day. The first recorded use of a picnic was in 1744 when Samuel Johnson used it in his as an adjective which means daintily cooked.


Amidst hectic schedules and busy lives, people crave some free time to spend with their near and dear ones. Hence, it is the most excellent way to have an enjoyable time. Picnic means Fun, nature, friends, family, good food, sunlight, weather, fresh air, adventure, and many more. Celebrating world picnic day by getting outside and enjoying nature with loved ones. It’s an opportunity for everyone to take a break from their daily routine and enjoy some time in the great outdoors. You will be able to share food, laugh together and play games. 


Each year, this Day reflects something that matters to the Board of Directors and that feel will be embrace by the campus community. The theme for Picnic Day 108 is “Rediscovering Tomorrow.” We selected ’Rediscovering Tomorrow’ because right now, everyone has the opportunity to rediscover what their future holds. Our campus continues to embrace this opportunity while bringing our UC Davis community back in person. With the first in-person this day in nearly three years, every attendee can experience Picnic Day with fresh eyes and rediscover their tomorrow at the event.