International Asteroid Day 2022

asteroid day

World Asteroid Day is mark and celebrated globally on June 30 every year. It is usually observe in order to raise public awareness about asteroid’s hazardous and the measures that should be take in case of a near-Earth object threat. The United Nation General Assembly (UNGA) designated the day as the anniversary of the Tunguska impact over Siberia, which happened in the year 1908. Tunguska is the largest asteroid till date that affected the earth.


While it is not clear that exactly how much long asteroid have been floating in the solar system. They can range from smaller to large – 10 meter across to more than 500 meter across. The total mass of all current asteroid in our solar system would be less in size than than the Earth’s moon. Scientist estimate approximately 65 million years ago , an enormous asteroid fell on the earth on the area that is presently Yucatan, Mexico. This is refer to as the Chicxulub and some scientist things this may be what contributed to extinction of the dinosaurs. This asteroid may have been the size of some small countries and left a crater that was somewhere around 150 km in size where a rim of mountains the size of the Himalayas formed around the edge.

The most recent history, the Tunguska event held occurred in Siberian desert area in 1908. This explosion happen in the area that is known as Karsnoyarsk Krai was classify as an impact event. The Tunguska Event is the largest asteroid impact event to have been record in human history. With eyewitness reports that were gather afterward.

One more recent event, one that can still be recall by people who are alive today. Happened in Russia in an area in western Siberia known as Chelyabinsk, in 2013. No one died or injure directly from the small asteroid that exploded prior to landing. But many injuries were reported from the side effects of the blast.

International Asteroid Day was found by Stephen Hawking and a collection of other people. Including an Apollo 9 astronaut, a filmmaker, and Brian May – who was the guitarist for Queen and also an astrophysicist. June 30 was for the day as it is the anniversary of the 1908 incident in Siberia. The day officially launched in 2014 with the support of more than 200 astronauts. It took two more years before it was officially recognize by the United Nations in 2016.

Celebrate International Asteroid Day

Attend an International Asteroid Day Event

Attending a lecture, watching a program on TV or reading a paper to learn more about the possibilities and preparedness that may be vital in the future, this day is a great time for it. Events are organize by museums, universities, schools, clubs, space agencies and educators all over the world.

Watch a Film with an Asteroid

Perfectly tailored to International Asteroid Day, put on an educational documentary about asteroids. The first film to check out would be 51 Degrees North. A film that was create by some of the members of the team who founded International Asteroid Day and was, in fact, the inspiration for the day.