Indian Matchmaking: Twitterati Slam the Netflix Show for Its Regressive Content and Cringey Dialogues (Read Tweets)

Indian Matchmaking

Indian Matchmaking is one of the newest Netflix shows that has managed to become a topic of heavy discussion on social media and is receiving not-so favourable reviews. The reality show takes us through the lives of Indian bachelors and bachelorettes as well as US-based contestants who are forced into seeking help from an Indian matchmaker for marriage. The show is receiving a lot of backlash for pushing a myopic approach towards Indian marriages. There has been a lot of talk about Indian matchmaker on the show, Sima Taparia whose cringey lines are being slammed by viewers.A Suitable Boy Adaptation: Ram Kapoor, Shahana Goswami and Vivek Gomber on Board for Mira Nair’s BBC One Series.

The dating/matchmaking series whilst throwing light on the setup of Indian arranged marriages, seems to be perpetuating old beliefs and reinforcing stereotypes. Several people on social media have called out the show for promoting racism and casteism. At one point on the show, matchmaker Sima Taparia is also seen saying derogatory things such as, “because of your situation your options are limited, you have to adjust with what you get” to a divorcee woman seeking a husband. Check out how Twitterati have reacted to this controversial show.

Promoting a Narrow-Minded Attitude

this show really portrays how narrow minded the Indian society can be. How is having a “fair” partner going to guarantee your marriage to last forever??? 🤦🏻‍♀️

#IndianMatchmaking #SimaAunty

— Sanem (@SanemKaur) July 20, 2020

Is Compromise the Key?

Did anyone count how many times they use the word ‘compromise’ in #IndianMatchmaking ?

— Shipra Baranwal (@ShipraAtALounge) July 20, 2020

Have You Tried This Drinking Game Yet?

New Drinking Game: Everytime Sima Aunty says ‘tall, slim, trim’ chug your drink 😂😂#IndianMatchmaking

— Medha Kamath (@medhakamath) July 20, 2020

Regressive in All Sense:

#IndianMatchmaking on #Netflix is so and regressive. Indian women have been trying hard to step out of decades laid patriarchal structure and you are doing nothing but engraving it deeper by greenlightning a show in the name of Orignal content

— abby (@a32278367) July 20, 2020

Some Truths Exposed:

If there’s one thing that #IndianMatchmaking has done is it’s accidentally exposed the regular conversations that happen behind closed doors in a lot of Indian houses to this day

— The Bad & Bollywood Podcast (@badnbollywood) July 19, 2020

Cringey Is The Word:

This show on Netflix #IndianMatchmaking is so cringey. It’s everything about indian culture I hate and I’m so glad I stood up for myself to be with someone outside of that culture and who loves me FOR ME and not just cause I’m “successful or pretty”

— Priyanka Bhakta (@Priyankiee) July 16, 2020

The show has certainly opened up a dialogue on the toxicity and overall and major issues with the concept of arrange marriage. Let’s hope the show serves as a warning to do better than to learn from its regressive ideas.

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