How to Talk in Spanish – Learn 5 Disadvantages of Not Knowing How to Talk in Spanish

Have you ever to learn how to talk Spanish? Do you find yourself sometimes not being able to

communicate with some of your friends that speak Spanish? So why learn Spanish? Well, this article you will learn some of the disadvantages of not knowing how to talk in Spanish.

First Disadvantage – Are you aware that if you do not know how to talk Spanish, you are not able to communicate with the

millions of people who speak the language around the world. Also, if you live or near a Spanish speaking

community, it might be a little difficult to communicate with you friends and neighbors. With Spanish being

the second most-spoken language, you might want to consider learning the language.

Second Disadvantage – Also, if you do not speak Spanish, you will be at a disadvantage when you apply for certain jobs. By knowing Spanish as a second language, this will make you more attractive to some employers. Some companies will often pay you a higher wage if you are bilingual.

Third Disadvantage – Additionally, Spanish speakers are becoming a larger part of the worldwide market and it is predicted that they will be a key market the future. This is also true if you happen to live or do business in the United States. In many of the Southern Border States in the U.S., the Hispanic population continues to grow almost every year. So, if you decide to live along the Southern Border States, it would be very beneficial if you knew how to talk in Spanish.

Fourth Disadvantage – Another disadvantage would be if you decided to vacation a Spanish speaking country and could not speak the language. You would find yourself lost most of the time because you would not be able to communicate with the natives. This might be a little difficult when out at the local restaurants. I am sure you would not be able to enjoy your vacation to the fullest if you did not know how to talk Spanish with the locals.

Fifth Disadvantage – Finally, the last disadvantage of not knowing how to talk Spanish would be if you lived in a large populated area with people who speak Spanish. This could be a little difficult to get along with your friends and neighbors. This is especially true if you happen to live near the Southern Border States or on the West Coast. In these areas I am sure that knowing Spanish will be a very useful benefit. Buena Suerte (Good Luck) with your new found romantic language.

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