How to Start Termination Business

In a telecommunication industry, call termination is the process of completing a call on a specific network. It has become the process of replacing the majority of the call’s path. This is very brief explanation on what Termination Business offers.

Basics of a proper business plan for Call Termination Business


Professional hosting site like an ISP’s co- location or server farm is highly recommend. They provide continuity to services, like power and internet connection, providing control, site security, etc. The bare minimum is one square meter with power and an internet connection.

Cellular Reception

It is the next requirement. This storing space will be in ana area with adequate cellular reception. Without this you won’t be able to cost effectively route calls to this networks, unless your business plan allows you for exclusive use of PRI connection.

Landline Connection

To connect international calls to local landlines, it’s best to use a PRI connection from a local telecommunications company. Unless cellular rates allow for the exclusive use of a cellular line. In certain also, these types of connection can only be installed in business areas.

Internet Connection

The required bandwidth should be based on your estimate of amount of concurrent calls the gateway is expected to handle. A high speed symmetrical internet connection with a low latency is highly recommended.

SIM Cards for Call Termination

In the vast majority of cases we’ll prefer to use more than one company. Purchase SIM cards from the cellular companies that offer the best coverage and prices in the vicinity of our physical location.

Acquiring Proper Hardware

Purchase the proper hardware from Hypermedia. If you want to connect to a PRI and only use cellular. Then you will require a gateway that also has one or two PRI ports.

Accomplishing Call Termination Business

Optimize our hardware to route the call in the most cost effective way. The Hypermedia gateway can be configure. So that when the VOIP call reaches it. It will be analyze by source and destination and routed accordingly.