How to Start a Concrete Company

Starting a business is a difficult task. You have keep every aspect in and take actions according to it. So as in construction company. The concrete industry, a subset of the larger construction industry, accounts for an important piece of the world economy. In the United States alone, it’s a $47 billion sector, and it saw a 7% growth from 2012-2017, employing well over 250,000 people. These strong numbers, and the continuing rebound of the construction economy, makes a career change as a concrete contractor highly desirable.

Key Factors to Start Concrete Company

Business Plan

Making plan is the base idea to start anything. Understand your market and what opportunities are available to concrete contractors, then create a business plan that will guide you as you begin your new concrete contracting business. Then, find a way to fund this venture. As you think through these things, consider the best location for your contracting firm, what services you will offer.


While starting concrete business or any business, several deals and contracts are made. So, you will likely have to  your business entity with the government and get contractor liability insurance. If you are planning on operating in the United States, you will have to go through some level of permitting in order to bid for work. Rules vary state by state, but all contractors must have a version of a contractor or concrete license for each state in which work will be performed. Some states require separate concrete-specific licenses, and others include concrete in a general builder or contractor permit. Each also has specific requirements in terms of testing.


Safety comes before anything, the concrete industry is no different from the larger construction sector, in that it can be dangerous. As many as 10% of concrete workers get hurt on the jobsite. Think through your safety standards and have a plan in place to ensure the safety of them.


With any new business venture, you will likely need to market your business by identifying your target audience, who you want to work for and the messages and channels appropriate to find these customers. By appropriately marketing your business, you can find new jobs, industry partners, and sustained growth.


If you’re considering starting a concrete business, you’ve likely spent time in the construction industry. Be sure to leverage your existing networks to find and bid jobs. Join the proper networking groups and begin to develop relationships with others in the industry.