How to Spice-Up Your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) for a Professional or Business Service

Standard marketing tells most small businesses to create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to help differentiate your service from competitors. “What benefit makes your service different?” is usually what the USP is about.

But in reality, a USP only takes you so far in the efforts to attract new clients.


First, let’s look at some potentially good USP’s for a business-to-business service:

– “We specialize in the XYZ industry — with more than 20 years helping clients like you.”

– “We’ve developed an exclusive eight-step assessment program that’s unique in determining your best opportunities to improve your operations.”

– “We promise to deliver results in less than 60 days, or your money back.”

While these are strong USPs, no matter how good your service is, how specialized you are, or how great your service guarantee is, it’s still difficult for a prospective client to get a sense of how it will benefit them. And that means they are still unlikely to choose (or change to) your service over others in a cluttered marketplace.

So what can you add to a strong USP?

Business buyers are ultimately looking for tangible results for choosing a service provider. They’re looking for more than how you are different than other services available. They want hear about a measurable business for their decision to do business with you. .

Here are a few examples of what business buyers are looking for:

– reducing costs


– saving time

– keeping customers

– minimizing risk

– reducing labor costs

So, how can you spice-up your USP?

Add specific results you’ve achieved from previous clients, using statistics from your best customers.

Here are some examples:

– “We help businesses like yours reduce costs by up to 25% annually.”

– “Our service has helped clients increase sales in less than 3 months.”

– “90% of our clients last year saw increases in productivity of their workers due our training program.”

In sum, the Unique Selling Proposition helps you break the ice in differentiating yourself. But being different is only part of the game.

Add a results statement to your USP that appeals to the prospect’s bottom-line needs, and you’ll be much more effective in winning new clients.

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