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How to scan a QR code easily with your mobile



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Technology is here to make life easier and more fun, and one of the most interesting advances in recent years is QR codes . It is a series of “stickers” that have become popular in recent years and that allow us to access different services with a scan of our mobile.

At first, QR codes were more visual than functional. It was ‘cool’ to see and scan them, but after the initial explosion, interest waned. Of course, these codes have found their place and we see them on routers to not put passwords, in shops, on WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp Business and, above all, in sharing services and rental of electric scooters.

If you want to know how to scan a QR code easily with your Android or iPhone , we teach you how to do it.

Scan a QR code with an Android mobile

Let’s start with the tutorial to scan a QR code on Android . In the Google system, really, there are several options for this, but fortunately in the latest versions of the system, Android has created a unique tool.

If you want, you can download an app from the Play Store to scan QR codes , but you should know that if you have the Google app, you have Google Lens and, with it, a tool to scan QR codes.

To open Google Lens within Assistant, all you have to do is go to the corresponding Google Assistant app and click on the Lens . There, the assistant’s intelligence application opens, point the camera at the code you want to scan … and voila, the link appears to go to the corresponding app, page or service. If you have a Samsung, with Bixby you can do the same .

There are that have Lens integrated into the camera . All you have to do is, in automatic mode, click on the Lens icon that appears somewhere in the camera interface.

And other terminals have an app installed on the camera to read QR codes. It is usually hidden in a section of the “more” options in the camera app

Scanning a QR with an iPhone, an easier task

On iOS, things are a little easier. There are that recognize QR codes, but the system itself has an integrated tool that allows us to read a QR without having to download absolutely anything.

All you have to do to scan a QR code with your iPhone is open the toolbar (the menu that we activate by pulling from the bottom of the screen) and look for the QR code icon. Press and the camera is activated. All you have to do is focus on the code you want to scan and when we have it, a notification will appear notifying us about the scanned code.

iOS does not automatically open the code and instead we must click on the previous notification to grant our permission and go to the QR code link.

As you can see, it is very easy to scan a QR code with your mobile , since, especially Android users, you already know that with Assistant you have integrated the tool that makes life easier without having to download any application.

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