How To Make Big Money Mowing Small Lawns – Book Review

By: Robert A. Welcome (1983)

ISBN 0-9613552-0-4

Book Price: $16.95

Business success lessons

Robert A. Welcome has written this book, mentioned in Entrepreneur Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, etc., about his son, John. It expresses John’s lessons on investing, marketing, advertising, estimating, pricing, and scheduling; the disciplines of commitment and reliability that have made him a successful contractor today.

Basic business guidelines

Robert A. Welcome provides 8 chapters brimming with helpful business start-up insights. He reveals such ideas as, “Advertising” (Ch. 2); “Payments: More for less” (Ch. 3); “Estimating… ” (Ch. 4); “Keeping track of income… expenses… ” (Ch. 5); “Advertising using business cards… keep a schedule… be reliable… ” (Ch. 8); & more!

Principles to build a prosperous business

Robert A. Welcome’s no-nonsense style is revealed as he dives directly into his discourse on each point. He discusses income potential, “How much money can you make? It will depend on how ambitious you are. If you’re ambitious, you can make big money. Prices are charged by the job, not by the hour.” Pertinent keys for business.

Topics are transferable across a broad spectrum of businesses. Robert’s focus on lawn-mowing reveals keys for many forms of contracting and service industries, etc. He notes, “When you are the one providing the mower, you’re always able to charge more money for your services. And the customers are willing to pay more.”

Robert’s ideas add practical value. He shares, “… concentrate your advertising efforts on an area that is within a reasonable distance from home… Business cards do the talking for you… Lawn Mowing Service… If you need someone to mow your lawn, please call me. Bill Walker 15 maple St. Tel. 214-3288… Reliable… free estimates.”

Client preferences display Welcome’s business awareness. He relays, “… customers are willing to pay more for less.”

Keen business insights will help any business to become successful. Robert conveys, “Charge the most profitable prices that the majority of customers are willing to pay… The more customers that you have, the more need there will be to have a schedule… Try to get as many of the smallest lawns… They are the most profitable.”

Big money doing smaller projects

Robert A. Welcome helps business owners to begin to make big money doing smaller projects.

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