How to File a Student Loan Complaint An Overview

Sending a complaint letter to your student loan provider or servicer might seem like yelling into a black hole. Make sure your demands are within the bounds of the law and fair if you want to complain about your student loans. There are various ways to complain regarding your student loan.

The United States Department of Education will choose a loan servicer to work with you while you repay any federal student loans you may have taken out. Your loan servicer is assigned to you at random. Loan servicers, unfortunately, have a poor reputation when it comes to dealing with customers.

If you have trouble getting your student loan servicer to resolve your concern, you can file a complaint with the CFPB. Please don’t allow it to stop you from bringing your issues to the attention of those in authority. Be prepared for a less-than-desirable response before sending that angry email. But if you know what you’re doing, you can succeed.

How To File A Student Loan Complaint

You can file your complaint with the CFPB about your student loan servicer, and the bureau will forward your concerns to the lender for resolution. How to make a complaint about a student loan may be seen below.

Contact Your Loan Servicer And Attempt To Work Out A Solution

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau prefers if debtors first tried to work out their issues with their loan servicers. If you have a problem that requires fixing, you should talk to your servicer about it. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau should be contacted if necessary.

Collect Necessary Documentation

If you want the CFPB to take your complaint seriously, you must present evidence. Before filing a complaint online, compile relevant paperwork, such as invoices, receipts, letters, and contracts.

Fill Out The Online Form.

To file a complaint, please go to the website. You must make one if you do not already have a profile. Find your way around the online application. Select “Student loan” as the complaint category and “Federal student loan” as the loan type.

The next step is to specify the nature of your issue. To communicate with your lender or servicer, pick that option. The next step is to choose an issue from the available options. If you haven’t already tried to resolve the issue with your servicer, the CFPB will ask you to do so now.

Explain The Problem

Explain the problem you’re having with your loan servicer now. Be as specific as possible in your contact with the servicer; this includes dates, quantities, and any actions done on either your end or theirs. At this time, details such as your name, address, and Social Security number are not required.

Your loan servicer will need more information from you (such as your loan number, account number, or Social Security number) before they can identify your account in their system. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau likewise wants a just solution to the issue. In this phase, you should affix any relevant papers to your complaint.

Send In a Complaint And Wait For An Answer

Check for any typos or missing information in your complaint. Once it has been uploaded, no further edits or other files may be added. After double-checking for accuracy, you can send in your complaint.

After you file a complaint with the CFPB, it will be forwarded to your loan servicer. A response from your servicer is typically expected within 15 days. THE CFPB will keep you apprised of the progress of your complaint by email, but you may also log in at any time to view the current status.

Filing a complaint with the CFPB does not guarantee a favorable outcome. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you can file a fresh complaint or look into alternative possibilities.

Submit A Federal Complaint

Suppose you’ve tried everything else to have your private student loan problem resolved with the servicer and still aren’t satisfied. In that case, you can register a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The CFPB monitors many financial products, including private student loans, and offers mediation services for consumers with complaints.

A federal student loan borrower may also register a complaint with the CFPB. If you have a grievance, you may file it and track its status using the bureau’s online system. Your written records will come in handy at this point, as you will want to demonstrate both what you have delivered and the response you have gotten.

Once more, this should be your last resort after trying everything else. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will probably send you back to your loan holder or servicer if they cannot address the disagreement. A dispute about an activity permitted under the terms of your agreement will also be beyond the scope of the bureau’s assistance.

Complaints Are Beneficial To All Those Involved

Resolving their student debt issues is the best-case scenario for borrowers. You’ll be helping yourself and maybe other borrowers by filing a complaint. Consumer complaints are used in a variety of ways by the CFPB.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will notify your loan servicer of your complaint. If you like, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will post your complaint about a loan on their website. Doing so will make your complaint public, prompting the servicer to act more quickly.

Additionally, the CFPB reports to Congress and discusses complaints with state, federal, and criminal enforcement organizations. Customer complaints can also be used to direct policy enforcement and inform the development of new rules.


Private student loans are an option for filling the gap left by financial aid, and federal student loans are out of reach when paying for higher education. Make sure the loan terms are acceptable by shopping around. If you have a problem with deceptive advertising, fraud, or identity theft, you can register a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau does not help individuals but looks at consumer complaint trends.

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