How to add the Windows key if your keyboard does not bring it

How to add the Windows key if your keyboard does not bring it

Sometimes you do not have the keyboard that you would like or you miss a specific key that can come in handy. An example is usually the Windows key to access the Start menu . But it is possible to create a custom that can help during the workday, to schedule or any other need that arises when using Windows 10.

Although there are times when Windows lacks all the options you would like, there are alternative tools like PowerToys that can be especially useful for configuring the system. These open source tools are very easy for advanced users to use, belong to Microsoft and are focused on Windows 10 .

The first thing you have to do is download it from their website . It is free and easy to install on the system, just like any other program. In addition, as we say, it has the approval of Microsoft.

As indicated in How-to Geek , the first thing you have to do once the program is open is to go to Keyboard Manager in the left tab and click Remap A Key  in the menu that will appear.

Once you add the key, a menu appears with the available options. As you point out on the left tab, the type of letter you are looking for will show you the numerous options to include , from Scroll Lock to Alt Gr if your keyboard lacks this button.

Once the new Windows key is indicated, it will ask you for a double confirmation as a system administrator, but it is enough to click Continue anyway to make the change. As it is a change that affects the general configuration of the system, it is normal to make this double request.

No need to restart the operating system or further changes. Once the change is saved, you can close PowerToys and use the key that has been activated.

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