Homeschooling the Gifted Child

Having a gifted child can be quite a challenge. Yet, for many homeschool parents it is difficult for them to determine if their child is gifted. Even for professional educators determining giftedness is not an easy task. The diagnosis of giftedness itself can be a rather gray area. Educators haven’t got a clear cut definition, but there are a few simply questions that can be asked to help determine if your child is gifted.

How do I know if my child is gifted?

  • Do they have an excellent memory?
  • Do they have well developed reasoning skills beyond their typical age peers?
  • Do they have a long attention span?
  • Are they extremely curious?
  • Do they have elaborate thinking skills with the ability to think abstractly, conceptualize, and synthesize information?
  • Do they have excellent problem solving skills?
  • Do they have an extremely vivid imagination?:
  • Do they have deep interests that they are passionate about?
  • Do they learn fast with very little repetition or practice?
  • Are they energetic?
  • Is fairness and justice important to them?
  • Are they extremely self motivated?
  • Do they relate extremely well socially to adults, teachers, and even children?
  • Did they begin reading early?
  • Do they have an extensive vocabulary?

These questions are simply a starting point, but if your child exhibits many of these characteristics they might be gifted. Characteristics of giftedness vary from child to child, and your child might be different. To know for sure, you can always have them tested. Giftedness will be based on their IQ score or SAI (school ability index) as it is now called. Typically if your child scores in the upper twenties to thirties they are considered gifted.

Giftedness also tends to run in families… therefore, that would mean that it is possibly genetic. If you have relatives that are gifted then there is a great possibility that your child is gifted as well.

Gifted children also tend to have hypersensitivities. They often don’t like loud noises, or are very particular about certain articles of clothing (like having their shoes tied a specific way!)

If you feel that your child is gifted… the fun is just beginning! Truthfully, gifted children are typically highly motivated. Your job as a parent is simply to point them in the right direction. Highly motivated young people can learn at amazing rates. If you can find out their passions and then plan your homeschooling studies accordingly then you have just about climbed your mountain!

Once you’ve found your child’s passions… the goal is to continual feed that passion. For example, if your child is gifted in music then make sure they have lessons and instruments to constantly fire that passion.

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