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Hina Khan Looks Like a Ray of Sunshine in her Yellow Co-ord Set (View Pics)



’s busy pushing pictures on her Instagram handle while we can’t stop ogling at them. The actress was recently at Nashik, visiting the city’s beautiful vineyards and her pictures from the same have certainly grabbed our eyeballs. From a stunning orange tie-n-dye dress to a white midi dress, Hina was busy enjoying her stay and her outfits kept us hooked. Taking a break from her usual range of outfits, Hina strutted in style in a classic yellow-separates and we are stunned. Fashion Faceoff: Hina Khan or Mouni Roy – Whose Idea of Monochrome Fashion Gets Your Vote?

Hina’s one-off shoulder separates look chic and stunning at the same time. She paired her outfit with flats, sunglasses and a hat to go with. She further accessorised her look with no jewellery but just a pair of earrings and neutral makeup. Hina’s sunkissed pictures made her look like a ray of sunshine! The Hacked actress’ fashion statements have always captivated us enough and we hope she continues slaying in future. Hina Khan is Dropping Some Major Style Bombs on Us with Her Recent Fashion Outing for Bigg Boss 14 (View Pics).

Hina Khan

Hina Khan (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Hina’s yet to announce her new project and she’s currently making the most of her free time. After having a blast in the Maldives, the actress jetted off to Nashik for yet another vacay. If this doesn’t define ‘living life king size’ then we don’t know what will.

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Silencil Independent Reviews: Critical Tinnitus Report Exposed by MJ Customer Reviews



San Jose, CA, Feb. 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

This Silencil Supplement Real Reviews Based on the 2021 Customer Report and Here you can Discover the Ingredients, Silencil Side Effects, Is Silencil Legit? Where to Buy Silencil? Uk, Australia Does Silencil really Work?

Silencil is the new ground breaking solution with the natural blend that targets the root cause of the tinnitus. As per the official site, the supplement also prevents the inflammation in your brain tissue and supports the health of the nerve cells. Before going into the deep description about the supplement here is the quick reference of the supplement review.

What is Silencil?
Working of Silencil tinnitus Supplement!
Supplement Dosage!
Ingredients added in the Silencil supplement!
Benefits of using Silencil supplement.
Silencil Drawbacks.
Honest words – Silencil Supplement Review!
FAQ of Silencil!

How does it feel when you listen to the annoying noise every time in your ears? It makes you anxious, stressed and triggers your emotions that affects you and your loved ones around you. Apart from affecting your lifestyle it also gives you other debilitating symptoms. If you are not satisfied with number of products, doctor visits and therapies then this review has a better solution where you don’t need of any other solutions. Follow the review till the end and know how it works effectively to overcome this problem.

What is Silencil For Tinnitus Reviews?

According to the official site, Silencil is the incredible formula created to target the root cause of the tinnitus and brain cell inflammation. As per the official site, the supplement controls the debilitating noise heard in your ears with its natural formula comprising of unique high quality ingredients. Also the creator claims that the product is proven and clinically backed to support anyone with tinnitus. Though there is no proper evidence for this claim the ingredient list backs this claim with its proven health benefits. It might give you better silence in your ears as per the name of the product with its safe and non-GMO supplement.

This Report will change your Mind: Is This “Brain Nutrient” The Key To Stop Ear Ringing And Regain Your Silence.

Working of Silencil Tinnitus Ingredients

Tinnitus is the noisy disturbance that is heard inside your ears due to the inflammation that occurs in the specific areas of the brain. This makes the brain cell to vibrate and disrupts the communication between the neuro transmitters of the brain. This interruption sends SOS signals which is heard as the buzzing, hissing and ringing noise in your ears. Therefore, the Silencil supplement came into existence with the right blend of natural extracts to fix this damage in nerve tissue. As reported in its official site, the Silencil also regains the strength of the brain. To make it possible the supplement works in few steps as per its official site.

Prevents the brain inflammation: The Silencil works to eliminate the inflammation of nerve cells and inhibit its vibrating noise heard inside your head.
Vanishes the noise in your ears: After preventing the inflammation, it starts to heal and rejuvenate the neuronal networks connection.
Sharpens and rejuvenates your mind and brain: The 4 essential minerals added to the supplement can boost your brain, strengthen your brain nerve cells and supports mental clarity and attention.
Protects against tinnitus and memory problems: The Silencil helps in forming a shield against the memory and brain issues and protects you from them.
Maintains Overall health: The Silencil eliminates the memory disorders and renews your body cells with essential minerals. You can enjoy peaceful, quiet and tinnitus-free life.

Supplement Dosage!

As per the Silencil manufacturer, it is recommended to take 1 dose per day with glass of water on regular basis which consumes just 10 seconds a day. This gives you safe and effective results of protection against tinnitus in few weeks as reported.

Ingredients added in the Silencil supplement!

In accordance to the Silencil official site, there are certain extracts backed clinically to support the hearing health and brain cells to destroy the tinnitus issue. Read the Ingredients Real Side Effects from Official site.

Skullcap and Hawthorn:i It avoids brain inflammation that cause hellish noise in your ears. It minimizes the volume of tinnitus with its effective nutrients and vanishes inflammation to gain silence in your mind and ears.

Oat straw:ii It improves healthy brain function, memory and focus and combats tinnitus.

Mucuna pruriens:iii It creates a shield for brain cells and inhibits the occurrence of inflammation in your brain. It also supports your heart and lung health.

Rhodiola:iv It is powerful in strengthening your brain’s neurotransmitters and regaining healthy function of brain.

Vitamin B1, B2, B6 and potassium:v These are essential nutrients that acts as brain steroids to strengthen and boost your brain nerve cells. It also improves your memory, cognition and makes you sharper.

GABA (Gamma Amino butyric acid):vi This powerful neurotransmitter prevents you from tinnitus and memory-related diseases.

L-Theanine:vii It combines with GABA to support your brain, memory, concentration and energy levels.

Ashwagandha:viii This ancient herb combats tinnitus, controls blood sugar, stress and anxiety.

Chamomile:ix This has antioxidant properties that can improve your immune system, prevents stress, nourish your skin and supports brain strength.

Benefits of using Silencil supplement:

Here are few beneficial effects of using Silencil supplement in your routine as per the official website.

You might experience lower tinnitus volume within weeks.
Silencil Ingredients might give you happy wake up by listening to clear and beautiful sound.
Silencil camsules improve sleeping quality, prevents headaches and improves concentration.
Silencil pills avoid the feeling of anxiety, stress and depression all the time.
You shall find number of positive Silencil user feedbacks and Silencil customer reviews reveals the success stories.
You may improve your brain, memory health and helps to overcome annoying sound inside your ears.
Silencil is effectively created and the brain can absorb the nutrients once it is consumed as reported.
As per the Silencil official site it is 100% pure and natural with best quality supplement without causing any side effects.
You may enjoy relaxed sleep with fresh wake up each morning.
The 60-days 100% money back guarantee backs your investment.

Silencil Drawbacks:

You can buy this excellent formula only through Silencil official website in online and not in any stores.
Visit doctor for advice if you are already under medication.

How much should I spend?

There are 3 packages available for purchase with special discounts that makes the purchase versatile.

30-day supply: 1 bottle of Silencil costs just $69 + minimum shipping cost.

90-day supply: 3 bottles of Silencil costs just $177, where each bottle cost $59 only + free US shipping.

180-day supply: 6 bottles of Silencil costs just $294 and spend just $49 on each bottle + free US shipping. Visit the Official website to know Season sale Discounted Price Updated (Limited Time Offer)

Honest Final words – Silencil Supplement Review!

In short, if you are dealing with the annoying noise that makes you irritated and anxious, then the Silencil might be the best solution to kick off from its root. It might give you better brain health, focus and concentration by nourishing the brain cells and nerve transmission. The Silencil Ingredients is 100% natural, safe and effective. Kindly make research before adding any new supplement in your routine and consult doctor. The 60-days money back guarantee gives you confidence to TRY this supplement.

=> (OFFICIAL WEBSITE) Silencil® Risk-Free 100% Money Back Guarantee If You Are Not Satisfied. Order Now!

FAQ of Silencil!

What do Customers of Silencil reveal?

As per the Silencil official site, there are number of positive customer feedbacks of silencil supplement. There are no side effects faced. They themselves recommend the supplement for preventing tinnitus.

Is Silencil safe to use?

Yes! The Silencil supplement is made 100% natural and safe without any chemicals in it. It is better to consult doctor before making any dietary changes in the routine.

Where to buy Silencil?

The Silencil Pills is available only in the official website through online. This may not be difficult since it ensures to offer the real thing to the users.

What if I don’t find the results?

The Creator of the Silencil supplement gives you 100% money back guarantee. You can claim your refund if you feel unsatisfied with the results even using after 60 days.

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Another South Bay COVID-19 Vaccine Site Opens In East San Jose



SAN JOSE, CA — Santa Clara County public health officials announced a new COVID-19 vaccination center in East San Jose that will provide a few hundred shots a day, focusing on communities that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

The East Valley Clinic will serve as the latest vaccination hub, joining the Emmanuel Baptist Church in East San Jose. The four zip codes with the highest number of COVID-19 cases are located in East San Jose, which has a large immigrant population.

In a sign of the county’s effort to reach those groups, Friday’s press briefing in front of the East Valley Clinic on McKee Road began in Spanish.

“We are really deeply committed to realize the goal of achieving this parity in vaccine access across our diverse communities,” said Santa Clara County Supervisor Otto Lee.

Nearly 177,000 first doses have been administered through the county’s health system and nearly 60,000 appointments are scheduled for the next week. Eighteen percent of residents age 16 or older have received a dose so far.

While supply of the vaccine is still not meeting the demand, county officials expressed optimism that with a third vaccine on the horizon from Johnson & Johnson, the bottleneck issues will soon be resolved.

“In the next week, we’re not able to realize our full capacity for first dose appointments due to the low current inventory,” said Dr. Sabrina Tong, Associate Chief Medical Officer at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center. “That is the most significant development that Johnson & Johnson can bring. It’s one dose and has less intense cold chain storage requirements. It gives us more flexibility to reach the highest risk communities who might have more difficulty being reached for their second dose.”

Beginning on Sunday, those working in education and childcare, along with emergency responders and workers in food and agriculture will be eligible for the vaccine in Santa Clara County.

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Bar Chido To Bring Mexican Street Food, Drinks To Downers Grove



DOWNERS GROVE, IL — As the co-owner of Pierce Tavern, Sam Vlahos spends a lot of time in Downers Grove, and he noticed the village was in need of a restaurant where diners could sit down to enjoy a margarita and Mexican cuisine. Vlahos hopes to fill that void with Bar Chido, which is set to open in April at 1012 Curtiss St., the former site of Mia’s Cantina.

Vlahos told Patch he wants to shatter the misconception that Mexican food is “just rice and beans.” Thus, Bar Chido will specialize in Mexican street food with a modern twist, accompanied by inventive margaritas and craft cocktails.

“We’re trying to take Mexican street food and give a modern touch and upscale feel to the items,” Vlahos told Patch.

The menu will offer small and large plates, with a focus on sharing, Vlahos said. The selection will feature six different tacos, along with a rotating taco every week. The inventive tacos will come served up on corn or blue corn tortillas that are made in-house.

“Our al pastor tacos will be out of this world,” Vlahos teased. Diners can also dig into burritos or fajitas or opt for such entrées as a bone-in ribeye served with epazote butter and green Chile potato wedges.

Vegetarians and vegans can savor a mushroom taco or an al pastor-roasted cauliflower steak.

Made with fresh herbs and juices, Bar Chido’s array of margaritas and craft cocktails rival the flavorful food menu. The bar will serve up 10 to 12 cocktails, Vlahos said, with four or five different styles of margaritas. One margarita blends poblano-infused blanco tequila with cucumber and is topped off with a tajin-spiced rim.

Diners who place to-go orders can swoop up to the restaurant’s pickup window to grab their orders, something Vlahos said will help promote safety amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Since Bar Chido will open in the midst of patio season, Vlahos said there will be plenty of space for diners to eat both indoors and outdoors while maintaining appropriate social distancing.

Vlahos is eager about Bar Chido’s upcoming opening, but he’s also looking ahead to the future. In a couple months, Vlahos hopes to start serving brunch on the weekend. Think chilaquiles, huevos rancheros and other favorites.

Vlahos hopes that with the opening of Bar Chido, Downers Grove residents can anticipate a sense of fun and normalcy and “look forward to coming back to a fun atmosphere of dining out.”

Look for Bar Chido to open at 1012 Curtiss St. the first or second week of April.

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