HAVVN Review – A Network Marketing Opportunity Review

HAVVN is a network marketing opportunity that launched nearly a year ago. Here is a review of the business opportunity and it’s products.

HAVVN is one of the latest multilevel marketing opportunities to hit the health and wellness arena. It was formerly know as JUS International with it’s main products focused on youth extension or, trying to keep the signs of aging at a slower process. The company was created after it had partnered with the Nutritional Geonomics Center at UC Davis in northern California. Today the company is still in business and using network marketing as it’s means to generate it’s long term success.

The Products

There are 3 main products with the opportunity and each contains a main focus on longevity and helping slow down the aging process. As much as we all wish for the “fountain of youth” to really exist, do anti-aging products work? Some do and some don’t as much as they should, if we all know one thing it is that we all will grow old no matter what.

These products however do have some active formulas that help fight against this process. It begins with the HAVVN GO which contains Resveratrol, a key anti-aging formula. The others are HAVVN DNA and HAVVN JUS, the JUS was an original, but recently updated formula of the companies original health drink.

The Opportunity

The opportunity is based on network and multilevel marketing, and as much as some may think this as some kind of scheme, the only scheme in network marketing is those that fail because they do not follow through. This age old concept still creates success for many would-be entrepreneurs today. Between the Internet and multilevel marketing, there are more millionaires being created today than ever before, just look at the facts.

Trying to find the compensation plan with this particular opportunity while visiting the website is rather difficult, whether that is on purpose or not does not matter, it was still difficult to find. The cost to join is $25 dollars for a lifetime membership plus you will need, not that you are required, but you will need to purchase the products. This will pay 30% up to a certain amount of your levels below you.

While this may seem like a solid compensation plan, it does not truly give you as much income based on the product as most companies do allow for. There are of course other bonuses like fast start bonuses, Trendfront bonus as well as a few others, but this will require many, many people in your organization to generate.

Marketing Your HAVVN Business

Here is the sticky part…friends and family! Once again a company comes along with replicated sites and little information on how to truly take a major “TREND” and totally miss the boat with it. There is no real information or training for taking advantage of the Internet with this business opportunity, in fact, most of the trainings are geared towards the “old school” method of generating and building you network marketing business here.

Is HAVVN a solid network marketing opportunity? They do have some tasty products, whether or not they truly work, I guess you will have to wait a lifetime to see the results. The compensation plan is typical of the industry, but the marketing training does seem lackluster at best. Remember, when trying to take advantage of and creating success in the network marketing industry, it is all about leadership from your sponsor, viability of the products(s) and your willingness to learn how to market it effectively.

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