H2O Vehicle Conversion Kit

An H2O vehicle conversion kit has become essential for any household on a tight budget. Fuel prices are no longer a joke. If you have the money to pay $4 for a gallon of fuel, or £1 for a litre of petrol, fine. Most of us have to look at alternatives to a standard petrol powered engine. Things may change very soon, but at the moment the best option is an H2O vehicle conversion kit.

To convert a car to water is easier than most people think. It only requires a water cell which is added on to the existing engine thus creating a hybrid car. It can be applied to both diesel and gasoline engines. The result is a significant reduction in the use of gas fuel. The results can produce a reduction of 50% on the costs of running a standard car and even more for trucks.

When an H2O vehicle conversion kit is inserted, you start saving money from day one. It attaches to the engine in a very simple way and can be removed at any time. More than 100 people each and every day are installing an H2O car conversion kit. Things have gotten out of hand with rocketing gas prices. People aren’t as stupid as oil companies and car manufacturers think.

Costs of an H2O Conversion Kit

A guide to convert your vehicle costs less than $70. The price of materials is under $130. Hand the guide to your and he should be able to fit all for less than $200. Using a mechanic, that’s just $400. Expect to start slashing 50% off your monthly gas expenditure. I’ll let you do the math. Most folks have repaid their initial investment within 6 months and are saving big time from there on in.

With the cost of a gallon of gas creeping, or should that be sprinting, towards the $4 mark, a swathe of commuters is taking to using buses or trains. With a 9% rise in mass transit ridership on the same time last year, public transport is already becoming overcrowded. It reflects many people’s concerns over the cost of running a car. Of course, no such option exists for truckers and those living in remote or rural areas.

There are already rumblings of discontent amongst hauliers across the USA. Recently several thousand truckers in the UK descended on London to protest against the soaring price of diesel. They are demanding tax rebates from the government. The picture is even worse in France where duty is far less on fuel then in the UK. There, both fishing vessels and lorries have blockaded ports to make their voice heard.

Unfortunately HHO technology is still little known about and not really reported much in the media or press. Yet the only really viable solution to the fuel crisis currently is an H2O vehicle conversion kit.

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