Gurinder Singh Brar Makes A Stellar Entry With His Debut Project ‘Kat Heartz’

Gurinder Singh Brar Makes A Stellar Entry With His Debut Project 'Kat Heartz'

Gurinder Singh Brar, 34 has gained recognition for his musical chops with his debut project – Kat Heartz. Kat Heartz is an EP full of groovy electronic tracks and at one point the entrepreneur-turned-musician described it as a collection of his best songs.

Brar has been passionate about music from a very young age but didn’t jump into pursuing a career in music. He spent his 20s building a name for himself as an entrepreneur and tried his hand at various ventures. He struck gold in real estate and founded GSB Luxury Homes. As a realtor he expanded his business across Canada and has also opened an international academy for realtors. Through Brar’s academy real estate agents get to know the strategies Brar used to succeed in real estate and have greatly improved their prospects in real estate through Brar’s help.

Brar has always chased life and its landmarks with zeal, he says, “Our world is a big and wonderful place, and I don’t ever want to confine myself into one corner when so many opportunities are waiting out there. I’ve tried my luck in a lot of places, and even when things didn’t work out like I wanted them to, I never regretted these choices. It is because of my experiences that I am where I am today.”.

“Music was always on my radar and I knew I wanted to give it my best. While it is my passion, it took a lot of courage to open my art to the world and give my music to the people but I’ve gotten such a heartwarming response to my music! When you make music from the heart, people can appreciate it in all its colours and I’m excited for everything that I’m cooking up in the studio right now.”.

Brar has plans for his music, and his business. He doesn’t want to “confine himself into one space” and will not only work towards expanding GSB Luxury Homes and his realtor’s academy but will also be releasing his follow-up project to Kat Heartz.

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