Govinda Sharma and Eric Framjee of Kaga Basketball Academy Leave for the 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament in Malaysia

Govinda Sharma and Eric Framjee of Kaga Basketball Academy Leave for the 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament in Malaysia

The young Indian basketball players are quite excited for the play ahead and aim to win the much-talked-about championship.

Over the years, people have been witness to the genius of so many people and professionals from across different sectors around the world, doing exceedingly well in their respective industries and earning massive momentum and name through their endeavours. However, among them, a few of them still stand tall and unique from the rest for reasons more than one, and their success stories go ahead in filling the minds of other budding talents with much positivity, zest, and hope to do better. The world of sports has seen the rise of too many such talented beings, but two names that have been making a lot of buzz lately as young Indian basketball players is Govinda Sharma and Eric Framjee.

Govinda Sharma and Eric Framjee of Kaga Basketball Academy (one of the most popular and sought-after sports clubs and academies known for training budding athletes to become extraordinary talents in basketball) are among those extraordinary athletes who now can’t keep calm as they are leaving for the Gatorade 3 on 3 Championship in Malaysia from 30th July to 1st August 2022.

From the very beginning, these passionate basketball players immersed themselves in the sport, proving their mettle as true-blue basketball players and showing immense promise and talents throughout their journeys. Govinda Sharma is one of those incredible athletes who has been rigorously promoting basketball in North East India by conducting various tournaments. He even opened a facility for students to train them and provide them with meals, training, and accommodation, serving as a National level coach.

Whereas Eric Framjee (born to Russell Framjee and Mariam Framjee) is a resident of Kalimpong. He has always been a sports lover, as his father coached him, and recently he even had represented Kaga Basketball India in the Thai 3X3 Super League.

Both Govinda and Eric are soon to leave for Malaysia for the much-talked-about 3 on 3 basketball championship and are super excited about playing there and, most importantly, representing India.

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