Google employees won’t return to offices until the summer of 2021

Google employees won't return to offices until the summer of 2021

is once again extending the deadline for its employees to return to their offices in Mountain View, California. Sundar Pichai, CEO has decided to extend this measure after discussing with the company’s leaders. 

Contrary to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, whose political consists of ignoring the contagion figures and forcing them to return to normal as soon as possible, keeps “quarantined” its employees. They will be able to continue teleworking and thus avoid the risk of returning to the offices. 

This measure affects 200,000 employees in the US . In offices in the rest of the world the measure is different and depends on each country. The Wall Street Journal reports this change of plans that delays the return to normality until the summer of 2021, given that the virus does not give truce in the country.

Tech companies were the first to bet on telecommuting to protect their employees from contagion at home, but keep moving forward on the job. first spoke of a few months, then deferred the return to the offices until the end of 2020 and now sets the date in the summer of 2021. 

Other companies such as Amazon have delayed the return date until January 2021, while Microsoft to indicate October as the limit to working at home and return to their offices. Facebook, for its part, is also betting on this business organization and developing new technologies that facilitate the work of its employees from home.

Although in Spain the virus is gaining strength again, forcing the authorities to reinforce security measures, in the United States the data is more worrying. The American giant already accumulates 150,000 deaths from COVID-19 and California is one of the most affected states.

In the country where the recommendations on the use of masks and other measures are divided by the political campaign, expectations for improvement are very low. Meanwhile, in Spain , the Government is betting on a new law to promote teleworking among companies.

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