Give your WiFi network a leap in quality with this Huawei router: your own mesh WiFi network for only € 99


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Of course, if something is not in short supply lately, they are routers compatible with WiFi mesh networks, a relatively recent novelty that seems to end up prevailing in all homes in the long term. Already have their own models for sale companies like Google, Amazon and the usual suspects in connectivity, specialists like TP-Link.

However, the competition comes and does it stomping. We are referring to Huawei’s WiFi Mesh router, the Q2 Pro that is already on sale for 99 euros on Amazon Spain and for the same price in the brand’s online store.

In both cases, shipping is free and it is produced from Spain with the two-year guarantee, so you will have to worry about little or nothing.

It is a pack that includes the router itself and a node or satellite , essential to repeat the signal seamlessly and expand the coverage of the WiFi network without noticing anything, precisely the advantage that mesh networks have.

These types of networks are recommended for large homes, with many obstacles or that simply have enough connected devices , something increasingly common now that smart speakers, WiFi plugs or light bulbs are becoming popular.

The difference with a normal WiFi network or with the use of a signal repeater is that the Mesh network is not interrupted at any time, but rather overlaps between the signal emitted by the router and that emitted by satellites, so you can move from one to another “bubble” without losing the connection at any time.

In the case of the Huawei router, you will notice the difference compared to others, especially for the ease of use. You just have to connect to an app to adjust everything you need to modify in your network, but not only that but it adds very interesting extra functions.

This is the case of the Pause Mode for the connectivity of your children, which leaves them without internet at a certain time. Also, from the app, you can create a WiFi network for guests in seconds.

It is undoubtedly one of the best routers for WiFi Mesh that is for sale right now in Spain, although other options are somewhat cheaper, such as the TP-Link Deco that includes a total of three nodes for € 110 , in case you need coverage on a larger surface.

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